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Has any one tried Zumba for WII? Do you feel like you get the same work out as from an actual class?

Re: Zumba!

  • Well it's probably not EXACTLY the same, but any activity is good activity! If you like the classes, it's probably worth checking out the WII game.
  • I love Zumba for the wii. As long as you actually try to go along at the pace and do the moves they're doing on the screen, it does give you a great workout.
    I'm working through every different class, already did all the short ones, now I have to get through the longer ones. And maybe eventually I'll take a real class.
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  • I have it! Like Swimmy said, as long as you try I think it's great. I love the actual classes because I'm less tempted to quit when there are other people around, but I still highly recommend the Wii version. 
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