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Strip Photo Tour

We have a strip photo tour booked with Todd Wilson. In which I wouldn't mind getting a bride and groom shot playing in the casino! Are these photos that Todd will be able to take or can you only have these shots taken if you have your wedding in a casino.

Any brides out there who had the photo tour with Todd and got to get a shot inside a casino without getting married there?

Thanks in advance. Loving this forum so much!


Re: Strip Photo Tour

  • You can probably get away with a shot playing a slot machine if you move in quick, pose, pull the handle and leave, but any prolonged camera work in the gaming area will typically result in problems.  We took a pic with our entire wedding party around a vacant craps table but we planned it out and got in and out quick at Mandalay.  Keep in mind that you'll have lower risk of being hassled if you stay away from the casino cage; they really don't like people taking pictures of those.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

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