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WR: Cake a go, or no?

I just need to vent for a second here ladies. Thanks for listening!

I have had contact through emails with a baker near our venue (our venue is about 7 hrs. from where we live) who we've planned to do our cake. Communication had been a little spotty, but I wasn't worried because we had so much time. Three weeks ago she was visiting family in town so she brought cake samples for us to try since we wouldn't be able to make it down her way before the big day. So sweet, right? Well I emailed her with our choice and a few basic questions a week and a half ago and I haven't heard anything back. Am I crazy to start getting nervous? I'm 3.5 weeks out from the wedding with no deposit, no contract and no (recent) communication.

My caterer is able to do cakes, so I've emailed them to see if they are able to do the cake for us in a pinch. I'm not too worried because I'm sure the caterer will be able to take care of us. (we want something really simple anyway.) I just know the cake is important to FI...otherwise i'd be fine with a few different kinds from the local grocery set up like a dessert buffet.

Is it silly for me to be worried about this baker...or would this be a red flag for you gals as well?

Re: WR: Cake a go, or no?

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    I'd give her a call before freaking out too much, but I do think this is a red flag.
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    Yeah, I do realize this was a long weekend. I mostly just wanted to make sure we did have other options lined up just in case she fell through. I have to admit, I'm a little hesitant to work with her now though. I think this is a business she runs out of her home...but if someone emailed me wanting to finalize an order for a $600+ cake, I would get back to them right away. It makes me wonder if this is just something she does on the side when she feels up to it...
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    I agree with Peek, I would just try calling her again to see what's going on. At least you have all your bases covered and have the caterer available to do your cake as a back up.

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    I'd be worried. But I'm a micro-manager, paranoid, and needlessly stress out if I don't know exactly what is going on lol.

    I agree with PPs that you should give her a call, and like Liv said follow up with an e-mail so your bases are covered. And if it were me I'd let her know that you are prepared to drop her business if she cannot reliably communicate with you.

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    Some of my vendors were much more responsive when I called vs emailing so I wouldn't say it's necessarily a red flag, especially with the holiday this past weekend. If this baker is important to you than I would try calling and when you have her on the phone ask what the best way to communicate is for her so you don't feel like you've been left hanging in the future. How are the reviews for her?

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    Thanks for all your advice ladies. I can't call her from the office so I sent her a text. (we have texted before). Here's the text chain. Let me know what you think.

    Me: Hi Patty! Did you get my email with our cake choice and some questions? I just wanted to make sure since I hadn't heard from you and the wedding is less than a month away!

    Patty: Yes I sus thanks

    Patty: Is the strawberry vanilla right?

    Patty: And you can bring the succulents that day (We are using fake succulents instead of real ones and in the email I had asked her if we needed to mail them ahead of time.)

    Me: Great! Is it possible to add blueberries? Also, the venue wanted to know what time the cake would be delivered?

     *this text chain ended almost 2 hours ago and I haven't gotten another response. I'm planning to call her when I get home tonight just to get all of my questions answered.


    @rdr - There aren't any reviews for her online. She does have a website, but it's pretty minimal so i'm guessing she runs the business out of her home. She has some BEAUTIFUL cakes posted on her website, so I know she's experienced and the cakes we tasted were quality for sure. Plus, she's worked with my venue before. I have no idea what her reputation is though. I found her in a wedding website directory for the city we're getting married in.

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    @allusive007 -- Personally, I would have a hard time booking someone with no reviews. Hopefully you start to feel better about things when you speak with her on the phone, though! 

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    That's a red flag to me. I think your smart making the back up plans with your caterer.
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    Hmm, I wouldn't feel confident with responses like that. Yes, she might be busy but she should still get back to you relatively promptly in my opinion. It would worry me and I don't think I'd want to handle the stress if I could go elsewhere. 
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