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I like the idea of my bro standing on my side. I have never seen this in person, so would he walk down the aisle with the other BM or would he come in with the GM? Also, my BM will be wearing black and will be carrying red flowers. Should I have him dress in black with a red tie or should he match the GM?

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  • I have two bridesmen, and they have suits that match the GM and will have bouts that batch my BM's bouquet. 
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  • My brother was my bridesman.  He wore the same suit as the groomsmen, but with a tie that matched my bridesmaids' dresses.  (My SILs were groomsmaids, and wore dresses that matched the groomsmen's ties.)  There were also subtle color tie-ins between the bridesmaids bouquets and the bridesman's bout, and the groomsmaids' bouquets and the groomsmen's bouts. The groomspople all came in together before the ceremony, and the bridespeople all walked down the aisle in front of me- as in, they entered the room based on who they were standing up with, not their gender. Hope that helps, just as one example.
  • There's not a right or wrong for this.  We had a bridesman and a groomswoman.  They walked in together then stood on the "wrong" sides (my grandmother and our priest tried to convince them they'd done it wrong at the rehearsal, haha)  and their attire matched their gender. 
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    He can wear whatever suit and tie he owns. If you want him to wear a red tie or wear a red boutonnière or red pocket square, but it for him. He processes and recesses the same as your other bride's attendants.
  • My son was my "best dude". He walked down the aisle with the bridesmaids (gm were up front with DH) and rented the same tux as the groomsmen. 
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