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A soon to be groom needs your help :) I recently posted this in the 'Snarky Brides' forum but figured it may help in other areas as the more traffic and the more ideas, the better :)

I am in the process of making a wedding day present for my wife. As part of the gift, I wanted to include a little day of wedding kit as a joke. My fiancé LOVES honey mustard so I am getting a little bottle and putting honey mustard in it as a 'honey mustard on the go' gift. We also joke about this pair of socks that she has that she says are the most comfy pairs of socks she ever owned. So I got her a pair of those in our wedding color. What else would you include in this? Not looking for makeup but more for humor where you as the bride would get a laugh.  From the other forum, some of the ideas sticking were a joke boudoir photo shoot calendar, a nip of booze and chocolate. The more ideas, the merrier :)

GREATLY appreciate your input! Thanks, Mike

Re: 'Day of wedding' kit idea

  • Ohh, I love the calendar, booze, and chocolate ideas! Honestly, if you throw all of that, along with the honey mustard and socks, into a cute gift box, I think it will be enough. Be sure to add a card, of course--these are usually quite mushy, but if it's your guys' personality, you can do something silly there as well... or even do a combination! (That's probably the best.) 

    Are you planning on giving her a more traditional wedding gift as well? Just curious. :)
  • You could also get something crazy, like themed condoms or something. I remember a friend getting a condom gift package in the shape of a snowman for Christmas one year. x-P I'm sure you could find something hilarious at Spencer's, if that's your thing. 
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