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Alternatives to Father/Daughter Dance

Hello all,

My dad has MS and is pretty much wheelchair bound.  Are there any brides/brides to be that know how I can still do a "dance" with him?  He still wants to somehow "dance" as well, but we're just not coming up with anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Alternatives to Father/Daughter Dance

  • You say "pretty much" wheel chair bound. Could he dance for a bit? And maybe you could play a shortened version of your song? What if your mom pushed the chair while the two of you held hands and "danced"? I don't know if any of this helpful, just a thought??
  • If he can stand, you can hold him and sway to a slow song. I don't know if he uses (or could rent) a motorized chair but there are a couple of quite beautiful clips on Youtube of father daughter dances where the dad is in a motorized chair.
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