June 2013 Weddings

Wedding Wednesday

What's on the to do list girls? Anyone done..?


We meet with our coordinator tomorrow and drop everything off and that's it. We're done. 

Three days<3
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Re: Wedding Wednesday

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    We are supposed to be boycotting today, remember? haha

    All I have left is to drop things off as well! YAY!

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    Congrats ladies! I was just posting about how I was thinking last night what the June first ladies might be feeling... either on edge or in complete glee. Glad to see that you two are in the latter! You worked hard and now it's time to enjoy. I hope you both have fantastic wedding days! xoxo

    As for me, I'm at my 10 day countdown. Today I've got to turn in my 10 day checklist to my venue coordinator. And I've made a deal with my FI, we go see Ironman 3 and then we do the programs. So, looks like that's the plan.

    Aside from that, just going to have a "state on the union" chat with Mom later tonight. Go over final payments and details. After that I'm just drafting day-of schedules, finishing escort cards, and packing up all the personal decor items I'm using at the venue.

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    Im with you... As far as Im concerned IM DONE!!! I need to call the cabin tomorrow for check in time on wedding day and tell the best man what time to show up. Otherwise, we're done


    oh wait theres that thing called honeymoon packing. That shits gonna be hell. I keep saying "5 of us on a boat for 5 days... I gotta plan to be stranded".

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    Hi girls--June 1 st brides must be getting excited.  Wish you all a happy wedding weekend!  I am officially in my single digit countdown!! 

    Everything is pretty much done--good thing yesterday was a MIA day since I was super busy finalizing numbers and the seating chart.  I also had a hair appointment yesterday for a final trim and highlights--my hair stylist was so cute--she had wine and everything yesterday and make me feel and look like a princess, I loved it!

    This past weekend FI finally found a ring he liked, so thank goodness we got that crossed off the list.  All we have left is to just finish the escort cards and I need to print the programs and table numbers.  And I finally finished my bridesmaids gifts!

    Today I go meet with the photographer, and drop off the vases to the florist for our centerpieces; and I'm going to get my rings cleaned so they are nice & sparkly :)


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