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Affordable Venues within the West Coast Area

HI ALL, I am newly engaged and we are looking to a DIY wedding. I love hidden gems and don't know where to begin? I am looking for a space to hold about 150-175 ppl and if I need to shorten the list I can. I am on a budget so my parents have offered to help cook and with smaller expenses so I have a tight budget for the venue since we are covering that part. I am looking to stay within the 1500-1900 price range if possible. I seen Palma Sola Botanical in Bradenton, but that didn't have many pictures or details to see if that could work, preferably an indoor reception. I can spend more if you all know of places who allow installment payments. Any answers of where to begin are fine with me!!!


Also, I'm not picky just would prefer not to have a venue that is outdated and stale.  

Re: Affordable Venues within the West Coast Area

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