SDE Wedding Videographer - has anyone used them?

Hi there!

Was wondering if anyone has used SDE wedding videographers? We decided 2 months before our wedding that we wanted to get a videographer but didnt have a big budget for it since we didnt originally plan for one.

We came across SDE ( and they have a package for a very very affordable price, and are available for our day. We booked them through weddingful so we still have the option of cancelling (which I dont think we will - meeting with the main editor on Friday). They only have 3 videos on their website and they linked me to more on their youtube channel but it still isnt a whole lot. They have one positive review online but other than that there isnt much.

I am assuming they are starting up company, but for the affordable price and time frame I have left I am just going to go with them.

Anyone have any experience or know of anyone that has used them?



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Re: SDE Wedding Videographer - has anyone used them?

  • I haven't heard of them so I can't comment.  If you're in a real to Ian Liwanag from Ian Liwanag photography - he may be able to give you a good price for videography.
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    Thanks Jewel! I actually ended up contacting another videographer that a bride posted about in the vendor review thread. they were the same price, and were available, so we will probably go with them - and I prefer their videos more as well.

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  • Hi Dilenin, I was wondering about SDE too.  their prices are really affordable but you dont see much.  Do you have any other suggestions?  


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