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Has anyone received response cards back with additional guests added that were not invited?!?!?!?
A few of my fiance's older aunts added a guest, which is totally fine...I get that....they are older, need a ride and I'll absolutely pay for their way at the wedding...it's worth having the relatives there...


My uncle married this woman, whom I don't like at all (for reasons you don't even want to know). Her and her equally scumbag of a daughter are invited to the wedding, because my mother begged me to let them come...to keep the peace in the family. FINE, did it. BUT then this d-bag (the daughter) decided to take it on herself to invite her in-and-out-of-jail boyfriend and responded that the two of them were coming...I DONT THINK SO!!!! Already squashed that...but I'm still so angry!!!!! We are paying over $150 per person and I REFUSE to pay for someone like that who wasn't invited. In fact, this boyfriend wasn't even allowed in their house because he apparently hit one of my uncle's kids when him and d-bag were watching them......I swallowed my pride for the wife and daughter, who I won't even call my aunt and cousin, but I need to draw the line somewhere....

aaaaaaaaaaaaand breathe....

anyone else experiencing this?!?!?!??!


  • my cousin did.. she added a mystery child.. she has 2, but added 3. niether of their two children were invited.. let alone this 3rd. 

    Im avoiding making the call for as long as possible. we dont have the extra money for 3 more kids! 

    Youre just going to have to call her, and hey maybe if you make her mad enough, her or her mom wont show! (;
  • Yea a few people have done that. I annoyed me at first but when I saw that the people I DID invite haven't RSVP'd then I know I have the room, so whatever. In your case I would draw the line somewhere.
  • my sister just told me she saw her friend today who i invited.. Turns out this friend is bringing her mom as "her guest" .. I dont know why people assume they can bring a guest, i mean if i were giving you a guest Id write it on your invitation. If you were curious to know if you could bring a guest or not.. ASK Sheeeeebus! 
  • I get where all of you are coming from... that sucks. A lot. We're kind of doing a "more the merrier" type of thing. No one has RSVP'd yet that we didn't invite, but if someone asked, we'd most likely cave and let them come. Here's why.

    We're getting married in CA when ALL of our family lives elsewhere (and a lot of our friends). We're also way under target for our total amount. Any single people we invited we personally called and told them if they want to bring a friend, that's ok. We understand traveling to California without anyone might be awkward. If someone wants to bring their sister or a friend, fine by me. BUT... there's no deadbeats here. That would probably cross a line with me.
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    my FI's aunt called and asked if her daughter's family friend could come (since the daughter's bf could not come).  mt FI said yes without asking me and I was really pissed at him.  We already invited more people that we wanted to (because he kept adding people and there were +1s that we had to add now that people are in relationships), so he definitely heard about it from me.  We are under capacity and can afford it, but I really just don't want to waste the $ on people I don't know
  • We invited a friend of my fiancé's.

    His parents said they wanted to come, okay, so we invited them (addressed the invitation to the two of them specifically).

    Their RSVP said four people would be coming.

    So we asked the original friend what was up with that - it's the parents, their daughter, and her boyfriend (?).

    Yeah I got a chuckle out of that. My guest's guest invited a guest. Right.

  • No additional guests so far, but I only sent out invitations last Friday so I'm sure I'll get some annoying RSVPs too!

    I can kind of understand how people would think 'well my SO can't come but was invited, so I'll bring BFF instead' (though I would still tell them no). But to add your daughter & her boyfriend or to add a random additional child when your own children weren't even invited, that's just plain rude.

    My FI wasn't invited with me to 2 of my good friends (separate) weddings. I thought it was rude and I was bummed but even then I didn't try to add him onto my RSVP.

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  • I haven't had any added to the response card but I have received phone calls and texts asking to bring additional guests. I politely responded that at this time the guestlist and budget is set, if other guests people they are welcome to bring the guest. I told them this but I'm not adding anyone, just wanted to get them off my back. If anyone hassles me ill offer them to pay for their additional a, and if they are upset I'd surely want to know why I should be willing to pay for someone that they aren't.
  • This whole thing is getting really bothersome )= Fi's mom wanted to give some courtesy invites, and almost assured us they all wouldnt come (about 10-12 ), 4 have RSVP'd. Our parents are paying, but I feel terrible and want them to spend as little as possible. and not to mention i have to call THREE people now about their invites!

    im honestly wishing some people didnt like us enough to come. 
  • We just had this woman who we both can't stand (who's dating one of the groomsmen) claim that she received an invitation. No. She didn't. We were hoping her BF would dump her before the wedding, so we wouldn't have to deal with her. 

    Plus, we figured that this GM would take her as his date, so we didn't send her an invite. Oh, and also, when we initially told her our wedding date, she told us she was going to be out of town. This woman did not get an invitation to our wedding. She is claiming that she did. Umm... no!

    So she's coming as the date of one of  the GM's, which is fine - it's not like we can really stipulate  that he not bring his GF of 5 years when we're letting all the other GM's bring a date - but she most certainly did NOT receive an invitation. She's a compulsive, pathological liar. Who's not invited. Ugh!
  • A friend who I grew up with did this to me. I invited her and her daughter, with no dates because I didn't want her trashy flavor of the week there. She replied for 2, then at my bridal shower told me it would be her and her boyfriend since her daughter would be at her dads. It wouldn't bother me but the guys she dates are soooo trashy!!
  • It's so funny hearing all the stories! Well, I shouldn't say funny....but it's crazy how we all have "that person/persons"! I could never imagine doing these kinds of things!!!

    Deep breaths, haha
  • I haven't had this issue yet. I'm waiting on this one friend though who has a flavor of the week to ask to bring someone.
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    I feel both better and re-pissed reading this thread LOL. One of my best friend's (and BM's) mom called my grandma to ask if she could bring her niece, her niece's boyfriend, and her toddler.

    Never met the boyfriend, have no relationship with the niece and it's a kid free wedding. SMH.

    I'm in agreement with with PP - we are already way over due to the unexpected assumption of +1s and don't want to pay for stangers and their babies to attend my wedding. Why would you even want to? You don't know me!

    Oh, on the +1 note, I had a good friend tag someone in a post on FB telling them they were her +1. Sighs. I was polite in my response but yeah, the invite wasn't addressed with a +1, so...

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