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Backyard engagement party.... DJ?

I'm having my engagement party in my dad's backyard. Am I expected to have a dj? There will be no room for a dance floor or anything. I figured that I'd make a mix of songs on an iPod or something but my fiancé thinks there should be a dj there. That doesn't make sense to me for a really informal party. Am I wrong?

Re: Backyard engagement party.... DJ?

  • My engagement party is in a few weeks so my mom is in the midst of finalizing all the details. One of them is music. We are using an iPod w/ either a playlist already made or we'll use Pandora & probably use a channel like The Temptations. I don't think a DJ is necessary because the engagement party, for us at least, is a time for our families and wedding party to mix & mingle. A DJ would be a little intrusive & loud, I'd imagine. Plus their set-up  is bulky and I wouldn't want that to be so noticeable.
  • If it's literally in the backyard, I would just use an iPod. You don't want any neighbors getting upset because of noise.

    I've never seen a DJ at a party that was thrown at someone's house. (I have seen karaoke machines rented though.)

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