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Same item on two different registries

Is it strange to put say a garment steam cleaner on both my Target and Macy's registry? My thought process when doing this was that if it got purchased at one store I will remove it from the other store's registry, but the more I look at it the more I am wondering if this is inappropriate?

Re: Same item on two different registries

  • I would put it on one or the other.  I would think it was odd if I pulled both of your registries and saw the same item on both.
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    This doesn't bother me for large-ticket items like the stand mixer or the set of pots and pans.  It does bother some people, though, so it might be best to remove it unless it's your #1 or #2 "must have" item.  Most people don't pull more than one registry but some will.
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    I would not put an item like that on both registries unless it's not the same brand. I know my family prefers one brand over another and if given a choice between 2 brands they can purchase the brand they feel more comfortable with (usually based on experience). Big ticket items are okay to put on 2 different lists.
  • I check my registry and update it often but my guests don't know that.

    As a guest, if I saw an item on two of your registries, I'd be worried someone else would buy the same item and I would want to get the bride and groom something special so I'd avoid the item you want so badly. Plus, most gifts are bought the day before or day-of your shower or wedding so you will be too busy to update the registries.

    If you don't get the item, buy it yourself through the completion program with that store or maybe someone will gift you a gift card :)
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