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March 2014 Weddings

March wedding colors

I plan on getting married March 22, 2014 and I was thinking of the colors orange, yellow, and a light green and I am unsure if those are good colors for spring. I just really love those three colors and think they look nice together.

Re: March wedding colors

  • I think any color that you want will be good for your wedding.  Personally, I'm doing Navy and yellow with accents of white and pink.  I've been told it's "nautical" colors, which is true BUT that's not our theme. 


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  • My colors are royal purple, blue, green and golden brown. We are getting married on March 8, 2014 and are doing a mountain/peacock themed wedding. I can't wait to see how it all turns out!! 260 peacock feathers and a huge cake!!! WHOO HOO!!!! 
  • thanks I think I just needed reassurance I wasn't choosing bad colors :)
  • Chipmunk415Chipmunk415 at the corner of Wine Ave. and Margarita Ln. member
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    @imjustshell, Wedding Date Twin!!!!

    OP, I think those colors sound nice together. Very spring-y.

    As for my colors, I was leaning to soft whites and green for a late winter/mid spring wedding in FL, until FI asked if we could have gold as one of the colors (it's really all he's asked for). So soft whites and golds it is!

  • SDNYSDNY member
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    Colors are so personal. 

    I'm doing "blue iris" colors so a blue/purple, white and yellow accents. Girls will be in Navy, boys in dark grey. I'm excited because the iris is special to me, so it will be pretty to me, and the girls are excited I didn't ask them to be in yellow dresses! lol. 
  • Those all sound llike great color combinations! Our colors are shades of purple, charcoal and ivory. Guys will wear charcoal tuxes, my mom is wearing eggplant, and BMs will probably wear a grape color.
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  • Date twins!


    I think those colors sound nice.  I'm not the type of person to think certain colors only work for certain times of year.. which is probably why I have a wedding that's technically spring, but our colors are white (all all white flowers) with touches of champagne/gold and navy.  Then again, I'm getting married in Pittsburgh, and there's a good chance we could have two feet of snow on March 22.

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  • March 22 is my date too! Our BMs will be in Navy, Jr BM's in fuschia. Guys will be in Charcoal with paisley ties in a color to match their gals (Navy or Fuschia for Jrs) Flowers will be white and fuschia daisies with some green or yellow poms mixed in. Overall, Charcoal and Navy with pops of color for us!
  • March 8 is my date as well! We're doing purple as the main color with white/silver/lavender accents. My BM's are all going to be in either royal purple or a grape color and the boys will be in black tuxes with either silver or grape vests. Flowers are probably going to be all white with hints of purple/lavender. In general, I think any color will work for almost any season as long as the combinations compliment each other. 
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  • March 29th is my date. We are doing mainly black and white with pops of purple. My bridemaids will be in a dark purple and the groomsmen will be in black tuxes (not sure if we are doing silver ties and vest or black ties and vests).  Most of our flowers will be cream and some greenery with pops of purple.

  • March 2 is my date. Our venue is on the beach and will be beach themed, with dark teal, coral, and pops of sand/burlap. My girls will be in coral and the guys will be in gray. (I would have done khaki but none of their coloring would look good in that!)
  • My husband and I basically eloped so we are having a real wedding. It was suppose to be in Dec 2013, but we had to change it because of money issues. But our colors are peacock inspired but bright peacock.Purple, blue, and green with hints of gold and white.
  • My FI and I are doing Greyish light purple, black, white, and a TOUCH of pink just to add a little bit of spring to the mix. Im going for the chic Hamptons look. 
  • March 8th is my date. I saw a picture of a red velvet cake on Pinterest that I loved, so our colors are red and white. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find red/white things that aren't overly reliant on hearts and roses. God, I hate hearts and roses.
  • March 22 is our date as well!! the girls are in hunter green with blush pink and champagne accents. trying to keep it spring-y!! OP your colors sound wonderful
  • March 16th here..... we are doing blush and charcoal suits

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  • RJD5RJD5 member
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    I'm getting married March 15. My colors are pink and orange - it's a very spring-time feeling combination. But living in Ohio, there could be a foot of snow that day. But it's my wedding and I don't want to have to base my color combination based on what the weather will be like/what season it'll feel like (It's March in Ohio....it COULD be like 65 degrees and gorgeous. Or snowing. Or both. You'd have to live here to understand how true that really is.)
  • My wedding is March 8, 2014. You colors are fine. My wedding is going to be firefly/serenity themed wedding. Its your day, your way. As long as your happy that all that should matter.
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