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Looking for an AFFORDABLE wedding planner

I'm getting married in Dec. in Brooklyn, NY. I'm looking to find someone who can be my day of, week of, or month coordinator. I don't even know what an affordable price is. I'm the bride that thought that thought that planning would come naturally to me & alas, it has not...  I have a friend getting married in Philly & a wedding planner down there for the month is between $300-500. I know that's asking a lot here in NY, but i can always dream, right?  What I really need to have is someone to make sure my vendors go to the right place & to have my centerpieces (DIY) set up & then taken down for me at the end of the night as well as getting the church set up. Does anyone have any suggestions? 

Re: Looking for an AFFORDABLE wedding planner

  • I highly recommend Sara Kate Events!  Katie was unbelievable and did the best job!!  Her website is:

  • I'm looking for the same thing to Andrea!! thanks for posting this!
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  • Check out  They are doing my sister's wedding and do planning as well.  They are reasonable and are very nice.

  • IDO10611 said:
    I'm looking for the same thing to Andrea!! thanks for posting this!
    Hey Andrea and IDO10611

    I planned my wedding that was last year, my mother's 50th Birthday, a Sweet 16 and helped, gave advice to brides that were and are planning their wedding.  I am not an official planner but I have done everything from making invitations, ceremony programs, centerpieces, bouqets, boutonniere, planned the timeline for party, set up basically did the behind the scenes for the party (talking to vendors, make sure everything ran smoothly, took care of the celebrant and such). If you would like me to help you out just message or email me ([email protected]).  Congratulations! Yes it can be a stressfull event but it was an amazing experience.

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  • I got to this post a little late but anyone new looking I'd suggest my DOC- her website is - within range requested (at high end but what do you expect for NYC?) She's running a referral special, so if you contact her PLEASE PLEASE tell her that Jess sent you!
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