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May 26th Reviews part 2!

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The Marriage License Bureau-A
I preapplied online, which was the biggest hassle I had with them. It took me forever to find a computer with a browser that supported the application. I was in and out of there in 5 minutes.

Fit For a Bride-A+
These ladies are absolutely wonderful! I dropped my dress off on Friday morning and it was perfect when I picked it up Friday afternoon. If you saw my earlier reviews you'll know that they caught that my seamstress didn't sew in my bustle. What I didn't say is that they sewed it in for free! These ladies did a superb job and are so pleasant in person. They were only a 5 minute drive from my hotel. If you have a car in Vegas you can definitely save some $ by dropping it off yourself because it is not difficult to find at all.

Le Buffet at Paris-B+

The only reason this isn't getting an A is because we had an issue with our groupon. On 5/24, about 15 of us went down for lunch at the buffet. We'd bought the groupons for 2 for $36 which included the all you can drink package. At first the teller told us that these weren't issued by their buffet and wouldn't accept them. We quickly got a manager, resolved the issue and had a great meal. There was tons of food and a wide selection, all of which was very tasty! My personal favorite was the brie and bacon macaroni and cheese. You have to try it if you go! I wasn't without a Mimosa for more than 2 minutes while we were there. Everyone was very happy that we'd taken advantage of the groupon.

The Boulangerie at Paris-A
This is just a little cafe in Paris where they serve breakfast food, but we went almost every day. We came across the quiche on Saturday and ate there everyday after that! Service is fast and reasonably priced and everything we tried was really good.

The Henry at The Cosmpolitan-C-
My maiden name is Henry, so my girls thought it would be really funny to go there for dinner on my last night as a Henry. What a mess! We waited 20 minutes just to have our drink order taken and then another 20 before they arrived. We waited another hour for our food to get there and there was nothing special to report about any of it. I can't say it was bad food, but it wasn't anything special. When we finally got the server to come around with our bill, we waited another 45 minutes to get her to process it. All in all, I spent 2.5 hours of my bachelorette party at a dinner that nobody really enjoyed.

The Chandelier Bar at The Cosmopolitan-A
This was next door to the Henry and the one place I'd really wanted to check out. It is even more beautiful than the pictures online. When we walked in, I got grabbed by a bachelor party and had some shots bought for me and my girls. We had fun and the service was good, but we quickly went on our way to our next stop.

I'm actually reviewing this based on what my bridal party told me, because the hubby and I were off running wedding errands while they went. Everyone said that it was an awesome atmosphere and that the drinks were great. I'm definitely checking this out the next time we're back in town.

Toby Keith's I Love This Bar at Harrah's-A

Again, this review is from my bridal party. They went while the hubby and I went on our minimoon and said it was awesome. We all love country music, so this is right up our alley.

The Venetian-A+
Oh. My. God. That's all I can say about our room at The Venetian. I signed up for emails for every hotel I was considering for the ceremony over a year ago and I'm so glad that I did. A few weeks ago I got a deal to book one of their suites for $129 for one night and I jumped on it. Since we're not going on an actual honeymoon, I decided to book a "minimoon" for us. Check in was incredibly fast and painless. When we walked into our room we were both floored. We had a King Bed Luxury suite that overlooked the pool. It was bigger than my first apartment. Luxurious doesn't even begin to describe it. The room has a sunken living room with a wrap around couch, a dining table, flat screens in the living room, bedroom and the bathroom. Just make sure you have your key with you if you want to get upstairs. There is always someone posted at the elevator bank and they will not let you upstairs without it.

LOVE at the Mirage-A
We went to this show as a part of our "minimoon" on Monday night. I've never seen any of the Cirque du Soleil shows, so I don't have much to compare it to, but I thought it was amazing! I am not a huge Beatles fan, but I still loved it. My husband is not a fan of shows in general, but he still said it was "pretty cool". We went with one of my bridesmaids and her boyfriend and sat in the back row on the 2nd level. Our seats were perfect, but I don't think there's a bad seat in that arena! There is so much going on in the show that it's almost difficult to keep up, but I couldn't take my eyes off of the stage. Check out the Mirage's website for deals because I bought mine for half price!

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Re: May 26th Reviews part 2!

  • Congratulations! Thanks for sharing. I've never seen any shows in Vegas but looking for one to go to this time so it's good to hear your thoughts on LOVE. I hope you get a refund for your bustle issues. I keep reading negative reviews about restaurants in Cosmo and that's where I'm staying!
  • Wonderful reviews!  Congrats!!  I thought the same about LOVE! I saw it last time and was surprised since I had never seen one before.  Your reviews make me want to add a bunch to see on my trip! :)

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