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2 part honeymoon

My FI and I are thinking of doing a 2 part honeymoon. The reason being because we want to go to Oktoberfest in Germany but our wedding is in July and we want to do something right after the wedding too. Is there anything wrong with doing a long weekend (ex: Sun - Tues) in New Orleans or something and then going to Oktoberfest later as our "main" part of the honeymoon? Does anyone have any other ideas?

Re: 2 part honeymoon

  • As long as you both agree and have the budget to do it, you can pretty much do whatever you want for a HM! There is no right or wrong. Do what makes you both happy and enjoy :)


  • Pp is right. Your hm can be as long as you'd like and in as many places as you'd like. I'm pretty sure there isn't a 'rule' per se. :)
  • When you boil it down to basics, a HM is just a vacation, and there's no right or wrong way about when and where you choose to vacation.  You can do it however you like.

  • do what you want


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