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I want this year to go by fast!!!!

Omg, im so excited. I already have too much done, I just cant wait to have all of my favorite people in one place!  Please tell me I am not the only "overly anxious" one.

Re: I want this year to go by fast!!!!

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    You're not! I am the same way. My FI and I have been engaged for 6 months so far and yes I have a lot of things done and booked and other stuff planned but I just wish it was here already! Lol. I know when its a couple months out I may wish I had a little more time but hey that's all part of planning a wedding and from what I hear, this year will fly by!
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    It will fly by!  I can't wait as well, my FI and I were just talking about that this weekend.  Kudos to you for having so much done already!  It's always best to be ahead of the game!

  • I am the same way! I am ready to buy everything and get invitations out! 

  • I hear you! I just got engaged a few weeks ago and already have most of the wedding planned! lol, figured I should get it all done now before my life gets absorbed by work again... especially with christmas concerts coming up!


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