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Groomsmen and bridesmaids

What Arecibo you giving themas a gift??
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Re: Groomsmen and bridesmaids

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    Are you ***
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    FI bought a vintage viewfinder for his best man... he's a director/camera operator and it's perfect for him.

    My MOH has specified that she really wants a personalized flask... which surprised me because it seemed so cliche. But she doesn't have one and says its her preferred gift. 

    Our usher is a musician so we got him a set of personalized guitar picks.

    And for the kids we're going to get them Jeffery Dollars at Toys R Us so they can shop for a toy of their choice.

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    groomsmen. my fiance got:

    no best man- got deployed to afganistan :(

    1 got -golfballs with groomsmen face on them

    the other- flask



    Maid of honor- mug with a series of pictures of us and some of all the bridal party (she moved to cali and coming back for the wedding thought it be cute) and Alex and ani bracelet with pink stone for our wedding color


    2(bridesmaids)- same alex an ani braclet as maid of honor

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    No Best Man
    GM 1 - bar shaker set and something (TBD) to go with it
    GM 2 - zippo engraved with his initials
    GM 3 - pocket knife engraved with his initials

    My MOH & alls my BMs got flip flops & coach wristlets they also got something that fits them
    MOH - new charm for her Pandora bracelet
    BM 1 - $50 Michael's gift card
    BM 2 - necklace
    BM 3 - $50 spa gift card

    We also have 2 junior BMs 
    JBM 1 - Locket and jewelery box
    JBM 2 - Snow globe she can put a picture in (she collects them)
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    FI has not completely decided but it is between a cooler that has mp3 hook up; or a tablet.  He wants to get them something similar (and knows they will like and use both) and then will get each guy their booze of choice.

    I got my girls a diamond & amethyst bracelet that they may or may not wear at the wedding. 

    Then to suit their individual taste, 4 of the 5 love wine, so I got them these awesome wine holders that are shaped like a high heel in a color that would match their home decor and will put their favorite wine along with it. 

    The 5th girl does not drink alcohol. so I got her a cute tea cup & saucer set that has owls on them (she is a biologist and studies exotic birds--owls are her favorite)  along with a variety of teas & hot chocolate.

    I did not pick a maid of honor since I love my 3 best friends equally, and they pretty took on that role so to speak (hosted my bachelorette and have gone above & beyond this year).  I made them each a picture frame that had a picture of the 4 us at each others wedding (mine of course is blank at the moment for them to add a picture after the wedding).  & I also got them a candle & candle holder that has a frame in it.  And one of these girls also did my engagement pictures and would not let me pay her, so I am going to get a gift card and movie tickets for a dinner & a movie date for her and her husband.

    I got my flower girl a build a bear--dressed like a bride with purple shoes and all. 

    I got my ring bearer a remote controlled car. 

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    Bestman - Little brother, we bought him all black chucks which he is planning to wear at the wedding. 
    Groomsman - Zippo with name engraved. and guess who just quit smoking? he could still use it though, it's super nice. 

    Girls - I got each of them a hanger with thier names on it and taking them for a pedi day of.

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    Groomsman: Engraved shot glasses and money clips
    Best man: Same as groomsman and but we also got him a watch

    Bridesmaids: Embroidered robes and jewelry
    Maid of honor (who also happens to be my sister): Same as bridesmaids plus a frame that says "sisters" with a picture of the two of us and a Shakespeare book (she LOVES Shakespeare).

    I'm also writing letters to all of the bridesmaids.

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    Best Man - ???
    GM 1 - ???
    GM 2 - NY Giants Man Cave sign 

    BM - ???
    Bridesman1 - Steampink Cufflinks
    Bridesman2 - Tardis Cufflinks 
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    Groomsmen got an engraved "Das Boot"
    and bridesmaids got a jewelry set and a beach tote! All my girls are bagwhores so  I knew they'd like another tote.
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    Groomsen - TBD this weekend!

    BM & MOH: I got them all personalized hangers with their names twisted in the wire. I also sewed sexy zebra print lingerie robes for all of them.

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    My husband gave each groomsmen a pair of customer colored converse and since each are married on the back of each heel of the shoe he put their wedding date.

    I gave my MOH & Bmaids each a set of a necklace and earrings and a Henri Bendel compact mirror.
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