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AW Photo Thursday/Phriday

Here are some pics of the baby shower cake I mentioned in accountability.  My first attempt at anything with fondant, and I also made it with the ombre effect on the inside, layers of cherry and vanilla cake.  It came out pretty well if you ask me :)  mmmm caaaake!

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Re: AW Photo Thursday/Phriday

  • Ack! Sorry about the huge picture! I tried to preview and then fix it, but it went straight to posting instead :(
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  • @kwitherington Sorry!  It was a risky move posting them.  I should have put a warning on the thread title :)
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  • mmmmm....cake! Hmmm....let's see.....I'll AW the inn FI and I are going to stay at this weekend.

    Damn...I can't upload a picture. But I'll AW the fact that FI and I are spending a romantic weekend at a romantic inn :)
  • jealous of you guys @winelover123!

    the cake looks awesome, @ptrose13!!!

    I'm with @kwitherington, will share pics as soon as I can upload! 
  • Lobsters25Lobsters25 member
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    Okay, randoms for today.

    The new Essie neons - I'm in love with these.

    Being silly with Smushie.  I'm going to miss her like crazy this weekend!

    hmmm...why won't these upload??? :(

  • yay, it's working now...I think

    here are photos referenced above :)
  • @xcalygrl, you do look good! cute outfit!  love the Seattle pics and FURBABY yayyy! 
  • @xcalygrl - love the outfit, you look awesome-sauce
    @lobsters25 - great pic of you and smushie!!  love it!
    @ptrose13 - cake looks delish, and like a work of art.  I've been trying to get into cake decorating, and though I have all the stuff, I haven't done much yet.  so i'm jealous of your mad skills!!

    I have lots to AW!  I don't think I ever AW'd my ring, so here's one of my engagement photos.

    A pic from my sis's wedding a few weeks ago, I'm lurking all the way on the left.

    Me having to shrink significantly to get hooded with my doctorate last year.  Just got this pic and it makes me giggle...

    The art museum did an installation called "half the air in an available space" in which (obviously) half of the air in the room was encased in balloons.  you then got to walk through them, and it was awesome!  here's me and FI enjoying our time in the balloons.  and also me giving some attitude after clearing out some of the balloons.

    Lastly, here's some contrasting images:  the fancy white chocolate martini i got at a chocolate bar in nyc, very classy style.  and then me post-workout drinking a martini (i swear i'm not an alcoholic, these are rare occurrances) with my fur baby, Martini!  much more my style!
  • @choagie42 OMG lovelovelove the baseballs!  All of those photos are great, though I feel like I would have been claustrophobic in those balloons!  That martini looks nommmm.
  • @lobsters25 - Thanks!  FI and I are big baseball fans, and got engaged at the stadium where the Indians play (though not during a game or on the jumbotron, bc he knew i'd say no).  They do a winter wonderland there where you can ice skate, snow tube, etc., and he proposed there.  So the baseballs were a nice personal touch for us!  And with the balloons, they did warn you not to go in if you were claustrophobic or had panic issues.  or a latex allergy, though that seemed obvious...

    and the chocolate martini WAS delicious, and no cream/milk either, just melted chocolate, vodka, and frangelico.  and a healthy dash of awesome.
  • @choagie42 - that martini looks amazing. Now I want one....and congrats on your doctorate! I want mine but I'm still not sure if I want to continue with Arabic or go for something else. That and I suppose that a Master's comes first!

    @xcalygrl - beautiful view!
  • @choagie42 and @ptrose13 - now you ladies have me craving both cake and a chocolate martini at 10am! Yum! And choagie, that pic of your sister's wedding is super cute!

    @lobsters25 - Smushie is so CUTE!

    @xcalygrl, I second kwith's love of your hair! I'm jealous. And that park with all the driftwood is beautiful.

    @winelover123 - enjoy the romantic weekend away! :)

    I don't have too much to contribute, but I did manage to plant my garden yesterday (thinking frost free thoughts at the weather), so now it really feels like summer!

  • Thanks for all the cake compliments!  You will (hopefully) be seeing another awesome cake soon, this was a practice run for the one I want to make for my mom's surprise 60th b-day dinner on the 13th of June.  Now I just need to figure out how to step up my game a bit now that I know I can successfully do it :)
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  • @ptrose13, love the cake! Yummmm!

    @Lobsters25, I love your rings.

    @xcalygirl, I love your pup. I can't wait to pick up my dog when I come back from a trip. He's always so happy.

    I am getting my ring reset in a halo setting. I just got a plain ring at first so we could pick out the setting and wedding band together. It is currently being custom made, but here is the sample ring. The other photo is my ring now. I forgot to take a photo of the band, but it will match the band of the e-ring.

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