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Hi All,

I plan to use a coaster as a escort card and my wedding favor to each guests. Could I have a local printing shop print the details, and then I can insert them in each coaster? If so where would you suggest?


Re: Printing Suggestions

  • Please, please, please say the edge of the coaster doesn't have your name and/or wedding date on it. The immediately makes people less likely to take them and you don't want to be left with a ton of coasters.

    As far as printing, it is something that you could easily do on your own printer. Or go to a place like Kinkos or something. Just print as many as will fit on a regular size paper and cut to size.


  • A local place can like kinkos or you could try other online places like moo or vistaprint.
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    That seems like it would be something really easy to print on your own printer since the shape is a rectangle. That would probably save you a lot of money.
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