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Friday Accountability

SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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B: Egg white omelette with ham, onions, tomatoes and 1 slice of cheddar
S: Banana
L: Grilled chicken, cauliflower, salad with ST blue cheese dressing
S: Carrots and celery
D: Not sure yet but I have about 500 calories to play with

Re: Friday Accountability

  • B- Nothing yet because I can't taste or smell anything and my sinuses are all out whack. I'm drinking tea.
    S- Granola
    L- I really really want Mexi and Margs but again what's the point if I can't even taste it. I might as well eat dirt.
    D- Wine

    E- none b/c this cold is making me lazy
  • B:  egg + egg white with some muenster cheese, small pc. WW cranberry walnut toast, 1 pc. bacon
    S:  apple and maybe PB
    L:  1/2 pc. toasted flatbread topped with:  tons of guac, ST pork carnitas, red cabbage, arugula; 1.5 nectarines (one medium, one tiny!)
    S:  fresh cherries
    D:  don't know yet...  either going to our favorite Mexican place or scrounging around the house.  it depends on if we get more epic tornadoes.  they are forecasting it!  :(

    E:  I did JM 30DS L1 last night and then walked the dogs 30 min.  I'll either do JM 30DS L2 or JM yoga tonight.  also, of course, depending on if there are tornadoes.

    veggie servings:  at least 2, not counting dinner
    fruit servings:  3
  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    Ok so my omelette had more cheese than I asked for and of course, since it was there, I had to eat all of it. So I probably only have about 350 calories left for dinner. Sigh. 

  • B: 3/4 of a ham, egg, cheese sandwich and a coke (388c)
    S: 1/2 Luna bar (90c)
    L: Quesadilla Casserole (391c)
    S: 1/2 Luna bar (90c)
    D: Pork tenderloin w/ grilled veggies (177c)

    E: 30 min run, 15 min walk (+333c)

    T: 1,136 - 333 = 803
    I'll try to eat another couple hundred calories through snacks throughout the day.

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  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    I was bad this morning.

    B: 1 cup of fresh mixed fruit 0 pts and a croissant w/ bacon, egg, and cheese 11pts

    L: Flatbread wrap w/ 1 slice of baby swiss cheese, 2 oz deli turkey, and 1/2 c. baby spinach 6pts

    D: Not sure yet since I'm going home but I'll probably have 2 glasses of wine so that's 8 pts already.

    E: 45 minutes running and 15 minutes walking for a total of 12 activity points

    All in all I still have 7 pts to play with for dinner. If I cut out one glass of wine I'll have 11 to spread out for the entire evening. 

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