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If anyone can recommend a place that we can shop for our wedding bands in the GTA/Oakville/Burlington/Hamilton area please let me know! (that is not in a mall and is not Spence.) Thank you very much if anyone has any tips on where you went or someone you knew went and had a good experience! Even if it is a little outside of the areas that I mentioned!

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Re: Shopping for Wedding Bands

  • I'm probably no help because we went online - but if you are interested in shopping online (I know a lot of people aren't) we have had a fantastic experience with Blue Nile - returns, resizing and all!
  • I unfortunately have no suggestions - any places I have had experiences in are the big stores in the malls, and I'm probably getting my wedding band from a place in London.  A bit far to go, but he does custom designs. 
    @jaenella I'm glad to hear that you had a good experience online!  My FI bought me a wedding band when he proposed, but he had been hanging on to the e-ring and wedding band for too long and couldn't return it when I told him I couldn't wear it.  So now we are stuck with a wedding band that we have to try to sell on ebay or just do nothing with.  It sucks. 

  • If you don't mind heading into Toronto - there's the Jewelery Exchange, right in front of the Eaton Centre on Yonge Street.  When you go inside, there's about 15 different jewelery vendors.  My husband bought my engagement ring there for an awesome price and because they're independent vendors, you can negotiate the price.

    For our wedding bands, my husband and I went through a friend's family jeweler.  I've forgotten the name of their actual store, but they have a shop at the Whitby Flea Market.  We got both our rings for 50% off and were able to negotiate pricing.  If the price is out of your range, they'll let you pay portion by portion until it's paid off.
  • Jewel, where is the whitby flea market? I didn't know there was one!


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  • J.H. Young in Brantford
  • apologies, I meant Pickering Flea Market, just off of Brock.  But apparently there is one in Whitby - somewhere on Taunton.
  • The whitby one is only open Sundays and isn't that big I don't know if there is a lot there for jewelry. 

    There is also another "toronto jewelry exchange" in Scarborough near Warden and Eglinton.  We went there for my e-ring and got it for $1200 - similar quality and style rings at spence were about $2000.  I highly reccomend going there or to the one by the Eatons Centre.
  • I've been to the Whitby one you're talking about. Its very small and more of what a "flea market" used to be, rather than a bunch of brand new merchandise like at Pickering. I got some great wooden crates at the Whitby one.


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  • We got my husband's band at Dr. Flea's flea market in Etobicoke 8 Westmore Drive (Hwy 27 & Albion).

    We got my band at AAA Diamonds located near the Eaton Centre 21 Dundas Square.

    Both rings we got at a really low price as we were on a budget and we are happy with them.
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