Hair and make-up pricing?

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If you don't mind sharing, I'm wondering what you are spending on wedding hair and make-up for you (and your bridal party, if they are having hair and make-up done as well). I'm still searching for someone to do hair and make-up in the Guelph/Kitchener/Waterloo area - I just stumbled across the thread at the bottom of this page for some recommendations, which I plan to investigate (further recommendations are welcome if you have them too!). However, I was wondering what you consider an average or expensive price - the quote I just received was for $250 per person, which I find quite expensive but I'm not sure if my perception is just off!


Re: Hair and make-up pricing?

  • My wedding hair is $115 each of us for long hair. (Less expensive for short or medium hair) Make-up is $50 each. Here's a link for services I'm familiar with in your area: . 
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  • My bridal party did their own hair do not sure how much the paid but for makeup it was $30/pp. I used Faces by Pureness

  • The prices I was getting quoted for them to come to us was approx $60-65 for hair and $50-80 for makeup depending if you wanted air brushing or not. $250 seems pretty high. I would keep looking. Can you go to a wedding show? There were lots of MUAs there.
  • Google unbridled images.  I'm having her and her team come to my home.  Bride is $135 bridesmaids are $100 for both and extra if you want lashes, air burshing or extensions put in.  She did my friends makeup and hair in april for her wedding, looked great and im a picky make-up person.  I have 9 bridesmaids plus myslef 
  • I'm using Dolce Divas, they are mobile so they are coming to my house for it all and they charge $75 for hair and $55-$75 for makeup (regular or airbrush).

    They are based in Brantford so charge a small fee for travel more than 30 minutes from there.

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  • For my self and the bridal party it is $60.00 each for airbrush makeup $10.00 for lashes.  Hair is $65.00 each
  • $80.00 hair
    $50.00 make up
  • My hair will end up costing more than the alterations at this rate. I will need to get my colour redone the week before (yeah, early-onset grey) so that's usually $120 for a cut and colour. And then $140 for her to blow-dry it straight the night before and then come to the venue and style my hair the day of the wedding. The trial itself was $60, but I combined it with a regular visit so it was $180 total on that visit. 

    The MUA was $65 for the trial and between $70-$85 depending how many people she is working on.
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