made my bridal appointments for dresses

so i made 2 appointments for dresses and i am thinking of making a 3rd appointment but i am not sure yet..
have one for the 15 at bridal bells in berlin they have the juliette line and love love it
my second appointment is on the 22nd at stars in avon they have 3 bonny gowns they are getting on loan from me and i also love those styles

my thrid possible apointment is going to be at stylish impressions in farmington to try on some gowns they have aluree and also specialize in plus but.. i am not sure if they have anything i would really like there is one gown in allure i really like but they dont have it... 

i feel like i will be overwhelemed if i make to many appointments my stratagey is try on the julieet gowns and then the next weekend see if the boony gowns can top those ... 

Re: made my bridal appointments for dresses

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