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Nordstrom bridal suite

I am a Naval Officer and my fiancée just had the worst customer experience ever at the Nordstrom bridal suite in San Francisco. They ordered a short dress and then tried to say it was fine. This was after they told her that her belt acessories were not there and the seamstress was not in to make alterations. So my fiancée stood for an hour waiting for Nordstroms to get there act together. The manager was not in and didn't call until the next day. After that they tried to make it better by offering validated parking and free coffee passes to "fix it". The next day the manager called and said she would call back by 5pm...guess who did not call? Nordstrom is supposed to have a good reputation for excellent customer service and a quality product. Neither is true. I would be very careful with the Nordsteom bridal suite not much better than the discount bridal shops in my opinion. Now we have to figure out a new dress 5 weeks to the wedding. BTW this is the first bad review I have ever posted on social media.
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