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When to choose tuxes?

Hi all! Has anyone gone to pick out their groom's formal wear yet? I know the knot "checklist" has it in the 4-5mo. category but I wanted to see when/if other people have done it yet. My fiancé is about to start about 75-80 hours a week with work so I know his time is going to be very limited, plus he will be one tired guy... so I'm tempted to get this out of the way while I still can.

Thanks for the input!

Re: When to choose tuxes?

  • We went two weeks ago. We have the style picked out and the guys need to be fitted before October 19.


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  • FI is going to go get fitted at the end of June. We have a style picked out for the most part but once we are there we may make a few changes to determine what FI believes looks best on him. Some of his groomsmen are going with him that day also but some of the others will probably go later since they live out of town.
  • FI went to Men's Warehouse a month or so back for information.  He and his GM really don't need to do anything until September-ish, I think.  I just want to take a trip with him soon to see the attire on and pick out the accent color for the guys.

    Either way - I know there is more time pressure for me and my BMs vs what he needs to deal with!  They can take their time!
  • We went this weekend and picked out the style. FI wasn't feeling great about getting sized (it was at the end of a week of vacation and lots of bad eating) so he'll go later. I think you can definitely pick styles early, and then measurements etc. can usually be changed later for guys (lucky them!). Men's Warehouse told us up until two weeks before the wedding, changes are fine. :)

    He probably won't have time to get fitted again until the fall, but I am glad we got styles picked so that the groomsmen can have lots of time.

    Now if only I could settle on bridesmaids dresses...

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    pinterest, obvi.

  • Thanks ladies, I think once FI has some free time in a few weeks we'll go take care of it. Just so that it's one less thing to do once things start to get really crazy!
  • My FH and I are going to pick out styles this week. 

    Speaking of tuxes... i'm having a time deciding what ushers should wear.  My FH is going to wear ivory tie/vest, GM will be blue tie/vest to match BM dresses.  I think fathers I am going to put in black tie/vest.  But unsure of ushers.  Should we do black tie/vest or another color?? 
  • Our groomsmen and bridesmaids are wearing similar colors as yours. So we decided to have our Ushers just wear a black or gray suit and tie. We made it their choice whether or not they wanted tuxes or suits and since most of them already have a dark gray or black suit, they just chose that. I am ordering them bouts also.
  • Thanks mhollister.  I think we opted for tuxes with gray vests/ties, but I think my FH is now thinking of just having the ushers wear black suits.  I'm leaving that part up to him!
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