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September 2014 Weddings

How soon is to soon?!

My fiancé and I just picked a date for the 20th of next September. He thinks its to soon for me to start planning! I hate unorganized events, parties, or anything that involves guess. So how soon is to soon?

Re: How soon is to soon?!

  • Its never too soon! The more time you have to plan, the better in my opinion.

    Happy Planning! :0
  • Its not to soon!  If your booking at a hotel or other venue that provides food and you book it chances are you will lock in 2013 pricing!  Also your other vendors too!  Enjoy the process!
  • Thank you so much that was great information seeing as though I am trying to find a nice hotel. I'm leaning towards the Marriott or the Sheraton!
  • I got engaged june 2012 and our wedding is the same day!!! All my planning is pretty much done, vendors booked. It so much better, stress free now I can just do little things here and there. Plus its not like I have to dish out all this money all at once, I can do a little at a time, so much better!
  • Obviously there are somethings you cannot set in stone right now but there are a lot of things that would be better to do sooner rather than later. venues for ceremony and reception. believe it not - when I was searching for my venue (I began planning about 2 weeks after my engagement) many of the venues we had wanted at the time of year we were planning for (September 2014) were already booked for the weekends. Booking during the week or even on a Sunday will allow for more flexibility and also often provide discounts. At this time, I have my videographer/photographer/venue/ceremony and dj booked (they are all friends mind you). but it is never too early to get opinions and plan. you may not be able to have everything in stone just don't become overwhelmed.
  • It's never too soon!  I got engaged this past Christmas and just set a date for Sept 27 of next year.  I already booked my venue and they didn't have the day i wanted (which was the 20th) because it was already taken and only had two other days to choose from.  My florist was almost booked for the whole month and I've already booked my photographer and caterer.  I think it helps with stress if you plan early.  You won't have to move your day around because a vendor you really want is already booked.  Plus, when it will help money wise because you will have a longer period of time to pay your vendors for their services.  It also gives you time to decide on what time of theme or decor you want for your wedding.  We had to budget before we could set a date and getting our vendors early was so much easier and i feel like when it gets closer to time i will be stress free because everything I want is already in place!  Hope it helps!
  • Congrats!!

    I don't think that it's too soon to book some of the big things, like the venue..  I am getting married the day after you are and we booked the venue in January because it was the place I had my heart set on and didn't want to risk not being able to get married when and where we wanted.

    I have also started planning and executing some of my DIY projects so that I don't over-stress myself closer to the wedding.  You certainly don't need your entire wedding planned in the next week but it doesn't hurt to knock out a few to-dos ahead of time :-)


  • We're getting married the same day!  We got engaged in February and I booked our venue by April and locked in our caterer last week.  Our caterer said that September was the most popular wedding month (I thought it was June) so it's good to start and lock in your 2013 prices.  Start now  in case things come up, then you won't be scrambling at the end. 
  • I don't think it's too early - things in our town book very early, so we had our venue booked in May and we're getting married September 27th, 2014. 

    We have most of our vendors booked, which I love. This way, I can focus more on the little things :)
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  • We got engaged on Valentine's Day, and I have been planning since the day after he proposed! We're getting married on 9/06/2014 and we started looking for our venue right away, and everything was already booked up! It took us a while before we found a venue that still had our date open. Start as early as you can!
  • Our wedding is the day after yours and I don't think its too soon! We booked the venue and caterer fairly early and locked in or date and 2013 prices.  FI was surprised at how far out places were booked.  If our wedding was a day earlier, we wouldn't have gotten our venue!

    Also, consider, booking earlier gives you a little bit longer to pay.  Its been a lot easier on our budget to pay as we go along then to try and pay all at once last minute.

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  • I know I'm way late on this thread, but I got engaged last August and we booked our venue the following month (2 years in advance). We just booked the church and found out that the 20th is the LAST Saturday they had available that month. You'd be surprised how quickly things book up. 
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