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Honeymoon roadtrip from Vermont to Maine

Hello all,

Wedding is in just over a year, and FI and I are super planners so we are trying to decide on a honeymoon route to take. Getting married in Vermont then want to take a road trip to Cape Cod, Boston, then up to Maine. Any suggestions as to great places to stay, or visit, to eat at, etc. All recommendations are helpful as we do not travel much!


Re: Honeymoon roadtrip from Vermont to Maine

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    I used to live in Boston many years ago (1970's), and haven't been to the Cape since then. However on our trip last summer we took my husband for his first trip to Maine & Boston.

    It sounds like you'll be there in the summer of next year. In Maine I highly suggest the York Beach area in the southern part (not sure if you are going farther north, but Acadia National Park is lovely). Near York Beach you have the Nubble Light house which is a cool "all American photo site". I did a lot of research for our vacation and picked up a copy of the New Englander mazagine at Barnes & Noble beforehand, in addition to some Fodor's travel books for the New England area. (My husband is a visual person and needs books instead of internet sites, LOL)

    I plan a lot ahead of time too, and use tripadvisor.com for reviews by guests for hotels and restaurants. We stayed with friends, however, so I don't have any recommendations on hotels.

    In Boston you have to do the Freedom Trail, which takes you on a walking tour of every historic building and event from the Revolutionary War. I'd also add the JFK library which awesome. Make sure to eat in the Italian North End which has the best restaurants.

    If you want additional info, I'd post this request on the Boston and Maine Knot boards for insider info.

    Have fun! It's a great area to visit.

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    you can drive from VT to boston/cape in a few hours. why are you starting in VT? what are your interests? budget? how long do you have for the trip?


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    I'm actually going to Cape Cod next week for a wedding. I've been there several times as I have family that lives there so it makes for an affordable vacation spot. I know in both Boston & Cape Cod they have Duck Tours in the summer. I would consider doing it in both towns. They are fun land/water tours that provide you with a guided tour of the area with some humor. Not sure what you are into but here are some suggestions for Cape Cod:

    • Kennedy Musuem in Hyannis
    • Four Sea's Ice Cream in Centerville
    • Day Trip to Martha's Vineyard, the money for the guided bus tour is TOTALLY worth it. After your tour, you can always rent a golf cart, car, scooters or bikes to go back to areas that you want to see more
    • Day trip to Nantucket, I haven't been there but have heard nothing but good things about it
    • If you have a desire to go whale watching, I recommend doing it from Provincetown as you will get the shortest boat ride & longest watching time compared to other take off points.
    • Provincetown itself it a fun trip
    • From Hyannis they provide 6 hour city tours. There are three different tours available & they include lunch. Great way to get some information about area & relax while someone else does all the driving
    • If you're into wine, there is a winery on the way to provincetown. Not sure if they still do it, but they use to sell some of their wine in bottles shaped like lighthouses.
    • Cuffy's is a good store to stop at for souviner shirts/hats. Cheap prices, but great quality
    • If going in the summer, check out what is playing at the, crap I forgot the name, but it's "xxx tent" in Hyannis. Lots of great acts perform there in the summer. Big name comedians, musicans, etc
    • If you want to go for a fun relaxing drive where you can git a lot of cute towns and little mom & pop shops & returants, take a drive down 6A or even just take 128 for a drive

    I'll try to remember to come back after I return from my trip there next week to give you reviews on the place we're staying ($60.00 a night through priceline which is awesome for area in June) and if we find any good places to eat or to avoid while we're there.

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    Thanks so much for the great suggestions ladies! FI and I are on a tight budget as we are graduating from college just 5 months before our wedding. We have been to Maine (Ogunquit, Old Orchard Beach) a bit on family vacations but we love driving around and exploring small shops and restarants We are just looking for a somewhat affordable romantic little honeymoon week! @Erikan73 thanks for all the great suggestions, would love to hear how the wedding went and what great things you saw. and I never even thought of priceline! Duhh! Will have to check it out as we get closer to next June!
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    A great way to save some money in the cape is check out www.vrbo.com. It's homes/apartments or even rooms available for rent, usually on a weekly basis. The earlier you book the better the deals because you can find great little places. We waited too lon & lost out on a cute little cottage across the street from the ocean for less then $500 for the week.  The reason this can be sometimes more affordable is that you have a kitchen then so you can easily do some food shopping to save money on making your own breakfast and having food you can pack for lunch when you go out for the day & have snacks & beverages available too. Also what I tend to do before going on vacation is a few months prior I subscribe to the groupon & living social pages for the town. I've seen deals in the boston and cape cod area for kayaking, whale watching, boat tours & resturants.You can sometimes find good hotels deals too.

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    AWESOME! I too saw a few great groupon and living social deals, that's what gave me the idea for a simple, romantic long road trip around New England. But we can't buy those until next year as our wedding is just over a year away, and many of them expire the season you buy them. I love the idea of renting a house in a great area we can then explore a lot, and save money on food! 
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