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My Aunt bought my wedding dress, when/how do I thank her?

I am getting married in July 2014 (yay!) and had been planning on buying my wedding dress. My Aunt, who is also my godmother, I am very close with.  She has been one of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders throughout every step of my life (along with my two wonderful parents) and has always felt the need to "take care of me" (she's very well-off). As I started my dress shopping, she called me and offered to pay for my wedding dress, whichever one I ended up falling in love with.  I told her thank you very much I obviously appreciate the gesture but I was going to purchase it on my own.  She insisted because she's my godmother and felt this was something she really wanted to do for me. I agreed and was obviously overjoyed to share in the day with her and the rest of my family and friends.  I ended up finding an amazingly gorgeous dress that I fell in love with and so did everyone else, it's perfect. So, she put down the down payment for the dress and it will be here in 7 months.

My question now is, when do I thank her and how? I obviously gave her a huge hug and thank you thank you etc etc at the time but I know more is required. Do I send her a thank you and small gift now, just a thank you letter? wait until the dress comes in? wait until the dress is complete? wait until the rehearsal dinner and do something?


Re: My Aunt bought my wedding dress, when/how do I thank her?

  • Maybe wait until the rehearsal dinner and thank her for making it possible in front of the people there. That would be nice. I doubt she's expecting anything big
  • I think that's what I will do and just send a nice thank you note now. I agree I don't think she's expecting anything big.

    Thank you for the suggestion!
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    Perhaps a corsage at the wedding, similar to the mothers' - just something to show she is an honored guest and important person in your life.
    Maybe have her do a reading, toast or say the blessing?
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

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