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What the...Where is the time going?!

So, FI and I have had a looong engagement.  Like, 2 1/2 years by the time our wedding day hits.

I feel like I kind of took that time for granted and now everything is going in warp speed.  Don't get me wrong, we have a lot already taken care of but the Type-A in me is now freaking out that all of this "stuff" needs to be done yesterday.  In reality, I *think* we're on track.  I'll admit that I'm a bit of a procrastinator but am trying my best to keep that in control.  Maybe a nice neat handwritten check-list will calm the inner-zilla demon?  (And I say that last statement in jest.  Seriously.)

Anyone else feel like you blink and another month is gone?  How do you deal with the unexpected stress ball that hits you in the chest?

Re: What the...Where is the time going?!

  • It actually feels still very far away for me. We've got most all of the big stuff done save for flowers. I'm antsy. We will have been engaged 2 years to the day when we get married.

    What do you think is causing you to feel so stressed? I get stressed only when my mother is on my case, otherwise it's been easy breezy.


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  • yeah time is flying and the summer always goes fast so before we know it we will all be married
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  • I hear ya! We'll have been engaged for well over 2 years but the time we get married - it's always been this far away thing but not anymore! And I agree with Mbecker, the summer always goes so quickly...eep!
  • @button6004 - I'm not sure what, exactly, is making me feel the pressure.  I'm with you in that the process as been easy breezy.  We've taken our time, priced things out and planning what we are hoping will be a fantastic day that we can afford.

    Sometimes I just let myself get overwhelmed at the "small" things - both with the wedding and, well, life.  Luckily, FI is good at leveling me and bringing me back to the present.
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    I kind of feel like time is going by quickly.. and @mbecker912 I agree summer time always flies by

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  • We're reaching the 2 1/2 year mark! FI and I are looking for our first place together, I just graduated school and am settling into my new job. We are literally itching to be husband and wife already!
  • Our Engagement was only 11 months so to me this has all been warp speed. I also can't wait we are getting sooo close!
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