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My wedding colors are hoirzon blue and gray/silver. I am looking for silk wedding flowers to match the horizon blue dresses. Any suggestions? I am using a bouquet that has jewelry and it has white flowers. Thanks for the help!

Re: Silk Flowers

  • Im not sure if you will be able to match exactly but chek out
  • Our main color is horizon blue too! 

    I had a very difficult time trying to find any flowers in that exact shade.  They were all too light or too dark.  I second checking out afloral!  Just keep in mind that anything you see online may be really different than the actual product.

    Also, have you considered using a different colored flowers for the bridesmaids?  Depending on how you're arranging them, the blue flowers may blend in with the blue dresses.  I suggest keeping your flowers to a lighter color.  If you're adding jewelry to your bouquet, could you do the same with the bridesmaids?  That could be a good way to get some "pops" of blue in there!  Just a thought!

    Good luck!


  • Maybe you could try using a cream or white for flowers and then ribon to match the dress and tie in the colors. I was worried about matching the Malibu color with the flowers so I put a small amount of blue in and wrapped the bouquest with the second color to tie in the blue and yellow. Also whats greatabout afloral is you could by on or two flowers if you wanted to check how the color matches up.
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