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I know that most halls no longer allow clinking of the glasses, what are you doing to get the bride and groom to kiss?

Re: Kissing Ideas

  • I never understood this "tradition". I mean, these people just pledged their undying love to one another, why does anyone have to MAKE them kiss? They are probably more than likely going to do it on their own throughout the night.

    I have no suggestions for you though.

  • My hall didn't have a problem with it.  I've seen couples make tables sing, roll a dice, kiss someone at their table, etc.  Check with your DJ, he/she might have some ideas.
  • I'm going to kiss my then husband whenever I want, but we will have a game of some sort to have a more "elaborate" kiss.  For example, a happily married couple (who has already agreed to take part) enact a kiss from a famous movie - Lady and the Tramp, Titanic, Spiderman etc . . . - or they just come up with one on their own, and then the bride and groom have to do the same.  I've seen this done at other weddings, and it goes over quite well. 

  • Oh, @Jewel224 I was also debating the rolling the dice thing, because my FI is a huge table-top game player.  But the catch is that the numbers don't make the bride and groom kiss necessarily.  For example, if you roll 1 or 2, the table has to answer a trivial question, 3 or 4 someone at the table has to kiss, and other things like that. 

  • You can always change the rules to that...I've seen the reenactment game too...this works if you have people who are outgoing and don't mind doing that.  :)  Good luck on your decision!
  • I've seen traditions that vary depending on the interests of the bride and groom... i.e. they are big golfers: the guest has to golf a ball into a small cup to make them kiss; they are drama geeks, the re-enactment thing works really well! Personally, the only one I really don't like is singing, but that's because I NEVER sing in public and get very uncomfortable when my whole table wants to sing.
  • The MCs for our night decided on a hula hoop game where if anyone wanted to see us kiss, they had to hula hoop.
  • I've seen:

    -putting green

    -tell a joke to make them kiss

    -tell a story about the bride or groom


    We are going to do 'kiss a groomsman' where you have to kiss a groomsman (it can be a kiss on the cheek) if you want us to kiss.

  • We did a donation to Sick Kids if people wanted us to kiss - any amount.  Kept the clinking to a minimum and it went to a good cause.
  • My husband and I hated this "tradition", too, and I find the clinking of glasses vulgar. Our DJ advised us to come up with something as people would want to do it anyway, so we got a frozen fish and tied a purple bow around it and put it in a cooler. If people wanted us to kiss, they had to challenge us to a game of paper, rock, scissors. If they lost, they had to kiss the fish. If they won, my husband and I had to kiss. We just cycled through paper, rock, scissors, in order, and only lost once. Plus, the fish discouraged people from doing it all the time, so we were able to enjoy our meal. Nothin' says lovin' like having to kiss a cod!

  • At my wedding, whoever wanted us to kiss had to hula hoop (one was provided in the middle of the reception floor)

    Recently I went to a wedding where if you wanted to BG to kiss, you either had to correctly answer a trivia question about them or you and your spouse/SO kiss (how long the couple kiss will determine how long the BG kiss).
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