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Two weeks later, I'm still over the moon...

My fiance proposed on May 18th, our one-year anniversary. It was the sweetest, most sentimental night of my life!! He told me our night was a suprise, then proceeded to have us relive our entire first date, all the way down to him picking me up at exactly 7:08pm (we live together now - he left the apartment, bought flowers and came home and knocked on our door!). We went to dinner, and though he wasn't acting weird like a lot of brides notice on that super special day, he was a teensy bit quieter than normal. The weather was HORRIBLE that day, pouring rain the entire time... until RIGHT before we finished dinner, which was perfect. Our next stop was an old hilltop mansion with an incredible view of the entire downtown part of the city, and outlying areas out about 15 miles each way. The rain was gone and the clouds were clearing... the view was perfect! Sitting on the same picnic table we sat at on our first date, he knelt down in the mud and uttered the most amazing four words I've ever heard, and I've been on cloud nine ever since! 

Here's the kicker... He said he had been planning the proposal since October, but had to wait until our anniversary. The reason being is because on our first date, we walked up the 1/4 mile long hilly driveway, just talking and getting to know each other. Sitting on the park bench and looking at the view, he kissed me for the first time. Then we walked back down the hill holding hands... I have always told him that that place is so special to me, because we went up as separates and became something up there. He told me that he wanted us to be in the same place when we became something even more.

Good lord, how I love this man!!

The ring is incredible too, I can't stop staring at it!! 1.5ct Radiant cut solitaire... soooooooooooooo sparkly!!


Re: Two weeks later, I'm still over the moon...

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