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Wedding Website RSVP

Does anyone know when set up a wedding website through the Knot, how the RSVP works? I see where the person can type in the Primary guest name and click attending or not, but how do they enter the number of people attending? Thanks in advance!

Re: Wedding Website RSVP

  • You have to have all of the guests names in your TK spreadsheet. One person types in their name and it brings up their party. Then they select who in their party is coming.

    That being said, I had a ton of problems with TKs RSVP function. The site would often crash or not save RSVPs. Some brides even lost entire guest lists. I would recommend doing paper RSVPs.
  • I cannot get the RSVP function to work at all on my website. I know a fair number of people have already RSVP'd b/c there were emails from TK going to my junk email box about it, but now that I am on the site, I cannot find anything about who RSVP'd. And I didnt save all of the "junk" emailed because I assumed there would be a collated list when I logged into TK. This is extremely frustrating.
  • @nlhall1 @mdonnelly82 email [email protected] or call Customer Service Mon-Thurs 6am-7pm PST and Fri 6am - 6pm PST at 877-335-5252. They should be able to walk you through it.
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