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Wedding guest List - problems

Is anyone else having issues with the Guest List function?? It's ridiculous, it doesn't catch duplicates and doesn't allow me to delete a list I just imported.  Can anyone offer help with this?  I just want to update the list I already imported, I don't want doubles of everyone. 

Re: Wedding guest List - problems

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    I would recommend not using he guest list function on the knot. It has been known to crash and many brides have lost all of their info.
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    I do have everything backed up on spread sheets, it would be nice to be able to tally my responses though.
    Thanks for your reply!

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    You should be able to tally your responses on Excel.  Just add another field, title it "Number attending" or something like that, and then format so that Excel just adds the values you input.  That's what we did.



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    I have a similar issue- I receive an email saying a guest RSVP'd but then I can't find a list of guests who have RSVP'd. I know it should be at least 6 or 7 people. Anyone know where I can find this mystical list?
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