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Hello Ladies,

I live in Phoenix, but I got married in Minnesota May 18th. I am putting together a website to sell some of my ceremony and reception items, but I wanted to get this on here sooner than later. I planned to have a S'mores bar at our reception, but during the craziness of the reception, we forgot to put it out. OOPS! 

Use my forgetfulness to your advantage.  I spent about $200 on all of this stuff, it can all be yours for $100.

Here is what I have:

12 Boxes of Graham Crackers

15 Packages of Hershey's Chocolate (6 Bars in Each)

4 Bags of Square S'mores Marshmallows (48 in Each)

1 White Bowl for Marshmallow's

2-Tier Serving Dish for Chocolate & Graham Crackers

4 Bags of 100 Skewers

10-11 Bags of Black Rock

3 Teal Baskets for Rocks (can be easily spray painted thats how we made them teal)

**I had planned to put 2 sternos in each of the baskets, the sterno is the only part that I don't have for sale**


If you have any questions or would like to purchase my S'mores Bar please contact me at


Thank You!!


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