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Photography Scam

I think this website is great and I use it often for many ideas and references.  However, recently I trusted The Knot website and contacted one of the "featured photographers".  Unfortunately, it was found later that this "featured photographer" on the highly acclaimed Knot website was a scam artist and has scammed dozens of brides out of thousands of dollars and pictures (Marry for Good Photography)!  Luckily I only lost out on a couple hundreds bucks before reading the reviews on wedding wire.  My question does a highly publicized scam artist become "featured" on your website?  I'm one of many brides that trust your information and thought that you advertise only the best, but instead of the best being "featured" is it just the higher paid - scam or not?  I understand it's a business, but please help me salvage the credibility of this site.

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