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Wedding Hair and Beauty

1st Time Hair Extensions?

I was thinking of having hair extensions put in to add volume and length the week before my wedding.  I want to wear my hair down or mostly down.  I love the idea of vamping up my hair for the wedding with extensions, but I've never had them before.  I don't want to try them sooner, because I want it to be a noticeable difference before the wedding rather than something FI gets used to; but is waiting until the week before the wedding to try this a bad idea?  I've never had extensions before, so I'd appreciate any hair extension advice you have!


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Re: 1st Time Hair Extensions?

  • I have tape in extensions and they are amazing.  I had u-tip extensions before and didn't like those as much.  My advice would be to make sure the color matches your hair perfectly or give yourself some time after you get them put in to get the color fixed if it isn't exactly right. 
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    Oh thanks for the tips!  How long do you have to wait after having them applied to color them if needed?

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  • I know this is a late response, but I have had tape extensions before and loved it!  I'm also considering it for my wedding.  I've not heard of coloring the extensions to match your hair after they are put in, but it could be my hair stylist personal preference.  In my case, I had extensions put in pretty soon after getting back from a trip to St Thomas.  When ordering the hair, my stylist matched the hair to my natural color before I left for the trip.  When I returned my hair was considerably lightened by the sun and no longer matched the extensions.  She put a quick gloss of something on my hair to darken it back to match the color of the extensions.  It looked great.  It could be different across hair stylist, but wanted to add in that an option that if the extensions don't match your hair perfectly that an option would be to adjust your natural hair color vs putting the extensions in and then adjusting color on everything.
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  • I have micro beads. I personally love them, however, i've been wearing extensions for the past 4+ years. If you ONLY want extensions for the wedding day, definitely use clip ins. they're removable at any time. micro, tape, sew in are all semi permanent (4 months +)
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