Success Coordinating Colors Between Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Has anyone else had an issue with the challenge of coordinating colors? After selecting bridesmaids' dresses, we TRIED the big-chain tux places and were deeply disappointed with their level of color/pattern offerings, as well as the low level of enthusiasm for our wedding plans.

So we googled and found a tux place in Kennesaw that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau that has WAY more colors and patterns and choices than the mall stores. We would have NEVER found it without doing an online search!

Okay, so Google is a brand, but use whatever search engine you want to in order to find what you want. Don't assume that because you don't know about great vendors, they don't exist. Sometimes a nationwide chain store meets your needs. In our case, we deserved better and we found it doing a search of what we were looking for, in the location that we needed it.

Good luck coordinating colors! I was about to go all black-and-white (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Re: Success Coordinating Colors Between Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

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    We were disappointed in MW as well. What they call being able to "match" a color swatch from the BM dress, is to give you their only one option- which wasnt even close. Since we are two months out and have finally gotten most of the GM to finally get fitted there is no way I can risk looking for another option.


    I do wish, however that I had known about this option.

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    panayotta :

    You may want to call or visit the Kennesaw tux place, especially if you're doing black tuxes because they have the tuxedos there. They don't have to order anything, except for possibly the colored vests and ties (the same color/pattern/fabric) and two months should be plenty of time to get those in for you, I'd think.

    It depends on how important this is to you, of course. I'd make the switch if I could find what I wanted. If the guys still have their measurements on their receipts, it shouldn't be too difficult.

    Good luck whatever you decide. I wish the best for you!

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    There are lots of places like this one -- unfortunately too many people go to a national brand because they think it will be easier when it ends up being more stressful, more expensive, and with quite a bit less service!

    We used Celebrate Tuxedos in Peachtree City for ours and they were wonderful and had cheaper prices, matched all of my bridesmaids dresses perfectly, handled our out of state groomsmen AND were cheaper to boot!

    Small businesses have their advantages!
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    I think that most people think that the big chain stores have an advantage because out of town guys can go in there for measurements. The big chain stores will measure guys as a free service - a matter of good will (so that those guys will want to come back to them when they need to buy something).  Those measurements can be used in any of the smaller, friendlier, and as you pointed out, haleightibbs, less expensive tuxedo/suit rental places. Ours is King Tux Rentals in Kennesaw.

    I'm glad that Celebrate worked out for you in P'tree City! I wish that everybody shared our great experiences of utilizing these wonderful new enterprises for outfitting guys for weddings!

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