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Crystal Candelabras For Sale

I have a set of 10 and another set of 13. 

Prices below are for the candelabras. Not including the shipping. They are either 25lbs or 30lbs. each.

PickUp Preferred.

I can ship via FedEx regular mail or Freight.

Set 1: The set of 10 are shorter by about 4 or 5 inches. Selling for $100 each

Set 2: Set of 13 candelabras. Selling for $115 each. Has an extra vase bulb piece on the top piece that makes it taller.

I can ship them, but I will have to disassemble them partially so that they make it to you safely unbroken.

They're very easy to put back together. I have taken these things apart before down to the rods and put them back together.

I also have a assembly manual that explains all the parts and how to put them together.

Re: Crystal Candelabras For Sale

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