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First dress fitting is in an hour - any tips??

I am a little nervous because FI's amazing cooking is a blessing and a curse, and my very honest mother predicted two weeks ago that I wouldn't fit into my dress (which is in my pic). Fingers crossed and girdle is at the ready! Anything I should do/ask?

Re: First dress fitting is in an hour - any tips??

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    You probably already know this, but bring your wedding shoes (or shoes with the same heel height)! And maybe the jewelry you plan to wear to make sure the look feels right.

    Have fun! Take pictures?
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    That's Zo! i have my shoes here in the office (didn't even take them home after buying them, so i wouldn't forget them!!). i have shoes, my mom shld have the veil. one friend coming to (to calm me down bc my mom can stress me out).
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    Definitely take pictures and enjoy!  Other than shoes (which are necessary for hem height) if you're planning on wearing special (especially restrictive) under garments you should take those.  A normal strapless bra vs. a long line vs. spanx, etc. will change the way it looks and fits.
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    thanks guys - i am having a really bad, stressful day - thank goodness i have fake eyelashes on from my makeup trial (the ones that stay on for a few weeks) because if i had mascara on it would be all over my face. Working the job I have and trying to plan a wedding is really challenging. I'm totally exhausted and wish i could just run away for a day and sit in a quiet room by myself :)
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    I had mine yesterday - and I was nervous so I was wiggling around quite a bit (not advised). Just be calm and have good posture so they can get the right measurements. Ask a lot of questions about cost and what they'll be doing. My seamstresses were speaking Arabic the whole time and I have no idea what's going on. I wish I had spoken up. 

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    OP I had one of those jobs while I was going through the wedding planning process and though my co-workers tried to understand they still had no idea the kind of stress that this is.  Planning what may be the largest celebration of your life, one of the most significant change in home life you've probably ever had, expecially if you and FH are moving into the same spot plus work.  I also had some of my own health issues, but family health issues so by the time I was ready to have fittings, I was a basket case. Now is the time to pull out every stress relief trick in the book... hot tea, exercise... venting, preferably spreading the venting between several trusted friends.. whatever helps you. 

    For the fitting, the others have giving good advice... the 2nd fitting, its ok to be picky, make sure you like the hem height, bustle look etc.  Bring along someone who can help get to know your dress and will help you get dressed day of, after all, most of this is on your back. 

    Most importantly relax, have fun and take pictures!!
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    Just an update if anyone sees this again - the fitting went so well!! Thank you for all of the advice, especially to relax and enjoy it. Miraculously... the dress fit!! perfectly. All they're doing for now is the hem. My mom loved it, my best friend got teary. Ahhh i feel like that's one thing i can relax a little about. Thanks again guys - and Something Beautiful - great advice re: pulling out all the stress relief tips. I always put off doing things for myself, and i'm going to get a massage, take some me time, etc.



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