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Time for a Fun Question!

If you are not married yet, what moments of your wedding are you most looking forward to?  If you're already married, what were your favorite moments?

Here are mine:
1. walking down the aisle and seeing my fiance there waiting to marry me
2. the first married kiss
3. our first dance
4. seeing all our friends and family, especially the people we don't get to see very often
5. eating so much delicious food and cake! (I plan on gaining about 10 pounds at my reception LOL)

I am only about two weeks away and I seriously can't stop envisioning numbers 1, 2, and 3 and I get so excited!
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Re: Time for a Fun Question!

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    Status: not yet married

    What I'm most excited for:
    1) getting married to FI
    2) having all our family and friends in the same place at the same time - "feeling the love" and support of everyone
    3) our ceremony - we wrote it and it's really special to us
    4) getting my hair and make up done (random, but I haven't had it done since..high school prom?)


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    hmmm favorite moments...

    1) the few moments alone I got with my dad just before we walked down the aisle and the priceless conversation we had (that has continued to be an inside joke between us for the last two years)

    2) Seeing H at the end of the aisle waiting for me

    3) The huge sigh of relief when we finished our vows (for reals, you can hear it - and the laughter that followed - on our wedding video)

    4) Our first dance

    5) My father/daughter dance

    6) The way my FGs spent the whole day trying to be as close to me as possible.

    7) My sorority sister dance (not a formal announced thing; just a special song that we always did at every formal) and how my little cousins joined in (future Purdue engineers, yo!)

    8) Getting to the hotel at the end of the night and grinning like an idiot at my husband

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    Not married yet. 

    1. Yeah, the getting married thing to my FI is pretty sweet. 
    2. We'll hopefully have a lot of family and friends I don't see often coming in from OOT. 
    3. I just finished meeting with florists. I didn't even care about flowers before, but now I'm all bubbly about them. I have this garden look in my mind right now. 
    4. Not necessarily wedding-related, but the wedding date officially signifies the date we will no longer be long distance after three years. I cannot WAIT. 
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    I'm married (for just over 2 months now, yay!)

    My favourite moments from the wedding day were
    - getting ready with my FI in the morning (we only separated when I was ready to put on my dress)
    - the look on his face when he saw me in my dress
    - walking down the aisle together
    - the little moments we were able to steal in between things happening, just the two of us
    - our reception food and cake-- it was all so delicious
    - our good friend's speech
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    Not Married:

    1. Getting Married to my best friend
    2. Our dance to Our Song
    3. My dance with my Dad
    4. Getting to party with all our friends and family together
    5. Nonstop grinning from ear to ear :)
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    I'm looking forward to hearing the vows he will have written.
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    I've been lurking for a bit now, and figured this would be a nice place to have my first post. :)

    Not married yet.

    What I'm most excited for:
    -- Seeing him at the end of the aisle
    -- Exchanging our vows that we'll write ourselves
    -- First kiss
    -- Enjoying a whole night of celebrating with our nearest and dearest
    -- The end of the night when it'll be just the two of us, and I'll be able to know that we've just had the first day of the rest of our lives together
    -- Finally being able to look at him and call him my husband
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    I'm married (19 days so far):
    Favorite Moments:
    Our first look. I was so excited and had so much to tell him about stuff that happened at the salon.
    Visiting all of our guests at their tables during dinner, and having to hear what they said in their toasts.
    The Getaway. Most people in my family had never done one so they thought it was really cool, pics turned out great.
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    tlc35tlc35 member
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    I have been married a whole 2 weeks now!
    The best parts:
    1.  Our first look - seeing him all dressed up and looking at his face when he saw me was awesome.  I am chomping at the bit to see these pictures
    2.  The first dance
    3.  Dancing with our guests!
    We felt so loved by each other and our guests!
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    Not married yet (not engaged, actually, but shhh...). But I can anticipate just a liiiiiitle bit, right?

    I'm really just looking forward to saying the vows and officially on-the-record making these promises to each other, honestly. It's the most important part, in my book.

    I'm looking forward to dressing up and looking beautiful, and seeing him all spiffed up too.

    I'm looking forward to having pictures of that day to enjoy forever, and make albums and coasters and other crafty stuff out of.

    I'm looking forward to my new last name when I take it. But not to all the changing of documents and stuff. That's just wrong.

    And I will damn sure enjoy the honeymoon. Traveling with him is fun!

    Everything else will be a hot mess. I've never planned a wedding before, but it doesn't seem like something I'd be great at - I'm not one of those people who has visions for stuff and is a super-entertaining hostess and whatnot, so I think a lot of it will be more stressful than fun. Plus, our combined family drama would make it an event to remember, and probably not in a good way. Yeah...we'll figure it out when we get there, but right now a simple JOP ceremony for the two of us sounds just right.
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    kipnuskipnus member
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    Honestly, I was an emotional wreck for the majority of my wedding day.

    I did go for a swim in the morning, which was something that I'd always pictured doing on my wedding day.

    However, when I got home and started getting my hair done, I began to cry, for no particular reason. When our photographer came to do "getting ready" pics, it was even worse, because I was freaking about about wasting time crying and not looking good for the photos!

    This is where one of my favourite moments comes in: I sat down on the floor of my parents' bedroom with my mom, sisters, best friend, and "aunt," and we started playing my favourite card game, Dutch Blitz. I calmed down as I beat everyone and our photographer got some fantastic shots as we played.

    My other favourite moment was when we left the reception for a private photo session at the lake by my parents' house. There was no pressure, and we had fun joking around and doing the poses we'd practiced. From there, we went to the hotel and got a discount on our room for showing up in wedding attire. :)
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    Status - married about 8 months

    So many special moments, but a few that stand out.
    - My sister and my dad keeping me calm before the ceremony.
    - Praying with my husband, as our first act of marriage, yes, even before this kiss
    - Surprising my husband, and most everyone else by performing a flute duet at the reception
    - Going to church the next day with my husband and my family going to my church (they traveled from cross country).
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    Not yet married. Here's my list:

    1. Getting ready with my best friend/sisters/mom.
    2. Ring warming ceremony -- FI and I are both atheists. Our family members are being encouraged by our officiant (my uncle who is also a pastor) to say a little wish (or a prayer) for us while "warming our rings" throughout the ceremony. This was initially a way to shut up my super religious step-mother (it gives people an outlet to pray privately) and it wound up being an idea both FI and I fell in love with. I love that our rings will be warmed by the love of our friends/family before they are put on our fingers.
    3. Vows - FI and I are writing our own
    4. PARTAY!
    5. Waking up as husband and wife (cheesy, but I think that will be a pretty cool feeling).
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    Status: Not Married Yet

    1.) Seeing his reaction to the dress I am spending way to much money on
    2.) Getting ready with all my girls.
    3.) Hearing his written vows
    4.) Dancing with him (cuz he never dances)
    5.) Getting a break from life to enjoy our honeymooon
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    Not married yet, since everybody took the "becoming husband and wife" I will say I am sooooooooo excited to see my friends and family, we used to live very close and within the last few year we've moved away so I can't wait to see everybody!

    And I cannot wait for the honeymoon, FI and I have been in saving mode so we haven't been able to do a lot of fun things lately, so it will be so nice to get away and experience new things together.

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    hlvonbhlvonb member
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    I am not married yet but I am looking forward to:

    - Being able to walk down the aisle and marrying my best friend of 10 years
    - Having our first couples dance
    - Being able to celebrate the happiest day of my life (so far) with our loved ones
    - Waking up next to the man I love as his wife the next day
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    I'll be married in 28 days!
    I am most looking forward to:
    -having my dad walk me down the aisle
    -sharing the vows that we have written (well, mine are written anyway!)
    -first dance, and dance with my dad
    -seeing all of the DIY that  I've put my heart into, come together!
    -midnight bonfire with hot dog roast and s'mores!

    So much to look forward to... I could have listed 10 more!
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    This is such a nice thread!

    @leighbie87 - I also can't wait to walk into the house together for the first time as husband and wife.  We won't be living together until after the wedding as well, so that will be a special moment.

    @kipnus - Hooray for Dutch Blitz!  That's an awesome game!  Do you sometimes play with two decks and 8 people?  It gets really crazy. 

    @PDKH - I'm long distance as well - 2 years, so you going 3 years long-distance must be really tough!  I'm looking forward to being in the same area as my FI finally.  And no more Skype with bad internet connection!

    Things I'm looking forward to on my wedding day:
    - Having the medieval themed decor.  It'll be nice to show our guests what we are both passionate about.
    - The photo-booth!
    - Hanging out with all my friends and family.
    - Definitely the wedding night!

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    Not married yet.

    I'm looking forward to our first dance, because I keep thinking about what we'll be saying to each other as we dance in front of everyone.

    Also, though, I'm really looking forward to... the end of the night, when it's all over, and the planning has all paid off, and hopefully everyone had a good time, and it's just the two of us again, but *married*. Yay!
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    White Knot

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    kerbohl said:
    This is such a nice thread!

    @leighbie87 - I also can't wait to walk into the house together for the first time as husband and wife.  We won't be living together until after the wedding as well, so that will be a special moment.

    @kipnus - Hooray for Dutch Blitz!  That's an awesome game!  Do you sometimes play with two decks and 8 people?  It gets really crazy. 

    @PDKH - I'm long distance as well - 2 years, so you going 3 years long-distance must be really tough!  I'm looking forward to being in the same area as my FI finally.  And no more Skype with bad internet connection!

    Let's start a club... it's been long-distance for us, too (not too bad, just across NYS from each other) for three years this month. What a relief to start our living-together lives in November.
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    White Knot

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    What a fun thread :)

    Not married yet (August 2014...feels like an age! But not when I've got my planning and financing hat on, ha!).

    1.  Seeing FI waiting for me at the altar.
    2. Having my parents walk me down the aisle.
    3. So many wonderful people in one place.
    4. The silly dance my BMs and I have planned.
    5. Being a wife, and having a husband.

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    kipnuskipnus member
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    @kerbohl - Yes, we do! We usually stand around the table and/or rotate places every round when we play with two decks.
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    I just got married on Friday and the whole day was full of favorite moments:

    **Getting ready with my girls
    **Being cool/calm and collected until my dad came in and I totally cried
    **Walking down the aisle with my dad who swore he would not cry--but totally lost it once we got to my FI and he "gave me away."
    **my flower girl coming in the room (who is usually ridiculously shy) just ran to me and called me a princess
    **my flower girl running back up the aisle to do it again because she loved the attention--totally made me laugh and relax
    **seeing my FI for the first time at the end of the aisle--and the tears in his eyes as he took my hand
    **our beautiful ceremony and being pronounced husband & wife
    **seeing family and friends old and new having a great time and getting compliments throughout the evening on everything
    **our first dance
    **seeing the room reveal
    **my daddy/daughter dance (my dad kept the song a surprise and he picked "my little girl" (the one I wanted) w/o even telling him that was the song I wanted.
    **after the wedding hanging out with my best friends and new husband just talking/hanging out like normal--perfect ending to a perfect day

    Sorry--- so many memories right now!  But I will say as much as I anticipated these moments--it was better in person.  The things I thought would make me cry did not, and others totally got the best of me!

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    Not yet married.

    I'm excited for:

    1. Seeing my partner all dressed up.
    2. Spending time with friends who hopefully get drunk and act goofy.
    3. Bringing our families together.
    4. Dress shopping with family.
    5. Doing a bunch of paper DIY stuff.

    4 and 5 aren't day-of stuff, but I'm excited about the planning process too. My partner and I enjoy making plans together which is one of the reasons we're getting married, so I'm hoping the whole process will be a lot of fun.
    "I wish yo azz all tha dopest up in yo' marriages"
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    Not married yet.

    I'm most looking forward to:
    1. The first look.
    2. Our vows (which we will write ourselves).
    3. The first dance.
    4. Seeing family I rarely see due to physical distance.
    5. Leaving the reception. ;)
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    Thre are so sweet!!

    Status: Wedding in T-minus-7 weeks.

    Excited for:

    * Marrying my favorite person on the planet and making official what i already feel

    * Two of my best friends singing our first dance song (a surprise for everyone)

    * Surprising FI w/ his University Football groom's cake

    * Dancing w/ my father, although I really, really hope I don't cry

    * The hot tub on the balcony of the suite I'm staying in the days before the wedding - yeah baby! :)

    * Sailing away from our farewell brunch to start our honeymoon...

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