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  What is everyone doing regarding tipping? I read somewhere that if your photographer or DJ are self employed, it is not necessary to tip  them. Is this true?

  If you are tipping, how do u determine how much?

Re: tips

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    My waxing lady just told me if someone is self employed you don't tip. News to me, I do what I feel right about.
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    I'm not tipping those that own the company. They set the prices etc etc. So I'm not tipping my photographer, Justice of the Peace or DJ. My caterer has a 20% tip built in that the servers split so I'm not adding anything additional to that. I'm tipping my photo booth attendant, photographer's assistant and shuttle bus driver all $50. I'm tipping my venue coordinator $150 because she has dealt with a lot of stuff for me, talked me down a few times and generally just been amazing.
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    I did not tip anyone.  The caterer had gratuity included, the limo had gratuity included and my Dj and Photographer owned the business.
    Although, I wish I tipped the assistant to the photographer. I didn't think about that until later.

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