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I need help. This may get confusing so bare with me. If a couple is going to the wedding but the wife brings a gift to a shower do I make out the thank you to both of them or only the wife. I ask because I thought It would be from both, but when the card is sigend as just the one person it threw me off. Also do you write out thank yous to everyone that goes to the wedding?

Re: Thank You Cards

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    Address the thank you based on how they sign the card (for any / all gifts, regardless of occasion).  In this instance it would just be to the wife.

    You only need to send thank you notes for gifts.  A properly hosted reception is the thank you for attending the wedding.

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    Kate is right. Just to the person who signed the card. I didn't realize this until I looked it up after my shower. Since my shower hosts didn't keep the cards separate from the gifts, I had to rip apart the room with the gifts to find the cards and who signed them. 
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