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Engagement Ring help?

I'll start out by saying I know nothing about jewelery and my girlfriend doesn't wear a lot of jewelery. I plan on taking her shopping to look at rings so I can get an idea of what she likes, but it seems like there are a million places we could go look. Any help narrowing it down? Where can I get the most bang for the buck as far as engagement rings go?


  • I second Shane Co. You can go and get your jewelry cleaned as little or as much as you want. They have great customer service too. Like PP said, my ring is also one of a kind. I highly recommend them.
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    My FI and I were planning on getting my engagement ring at Wedding Day Diamonds (we picked it out together) because we had only heard good things. However, we happened to be in the mall so we stopped into Kay Jewelers just to look around and I found my ring and fell in love with it. It was Labor Day Weekend so they were having a sale. We saved about 1200 off my ring! Kay in general has a lot of sales, so if you want the most bang for your buck, that's what I would do. The 4th of July is coming up and I'll bet they will throw a sale for that.

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  • Ummm... I'm not a fan of mass produced jewelry. Have you thought about a jeweler that does custom work? We've used G. Allen in Minneapolis, Lindblom jewelers in Wayzata, or Gold n Treasures in Saint Paul.
  • I recommend Thurston's Jewelry in Uptown Minneapolis. It's a local family-owned business, Lloyd is the owner. He's been in the jewerly business his whole life and has great prices and service. He does a great job of explaining what to look for in a gem, and will also point out any gotchas with a given setting or gem choice.

    The store is not overly fancy, but you will be getting a lower price on your ring rather than paying for fancy decor.
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