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My fiancee bought up an interesting question to me. Can we still send out wedding announcements with us just doing an intimate thing at the courthouse?

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    I think it's okay etiquette-wise if you send them out after the ceremony.
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    Yeah. I would have them printed up, ready to go BEFORE you get married. Addressed, stamped, the whole 9 yards. Then all you have to do is drop them in a mailbox the day after the wedding and off they go.

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    You can, but with how fast news like that carries anyways, I personally just think they look like a gift grab.
    This. I think they're AW. 
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    Etiquette wise you're good to send out announcements. To @Summer2011Bride 's point it's a really good idea to have them ready to roll so you're not sending them out weeks after you get married and everyone knows anyway.

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    You can send them after the wedding.
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