Inexpensive September Flowers

I've received two quotes for flowers.  Both are more then what my FI wants to spend.  We are having our reception in a large ballroom and I feel like we need to mix the centerpieces between tall and short.  He thinks we should do all short.  I feel like the room is too big for all short ones. (But maybe I am wrong?)  I was wondering if anyone knew of any flowers that are a bit less expensive around September.  Anything except carnations. 

I should note that we are trying to use white flowers and possibly incorporate a bit of red.

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Re: Inexpensive September Flowers

  • When you went to the florists to get quotes did you give them your budget?  If not, you need to.  You can still have tall and short centerpieces.  The florist should be able to suggest ideas on what flowers to use to fit within your budget.

    Also have you considered on the tables with the short centerpieces nixing flowers all together and just have varying heights of candles?  This could save you a good amount of money.

  • We didn't give either of the florists we met with a budget, since we had no idea how much it would cost for the flowers.  I said what I was looking for and asked them to price it.  It's way more then my FI wants to spend.  When I ask what he's comfortable spending, he won't put a number on it, which is making it difficult. 

    I am going back and forth with the florist I liked the best to see what we can do to try to bring the cost down.  She's a bit more expensive then the first florist I met with, but she is a lot more creative and in with the current trends.  I asked about possibly doing branches and she is going to send me a picture of a wedding she did a while ago like that.  I don't know if branches are too "wintery" for a September wedding though.

    I haven't thought of just using a variety of candles.  That is a great idea actually.  I may even be able to incorporate some rose petals in with that, just to have a hint of flowers.  

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  • You definitely need to talk with your FI and decide on a number.  That will help your florist a lot.  I am not sure how much your quote is, but I would ask your FI "If the quote was $X less would that be better?"  That way you will have a better idea on what he thinks is acceptable to spend on flowers.  Typically flowers are 10% over your entire wedding budget but of course that can change depending upon what is more important to you.  For me flowers/decor was important so I spent a bit more on that and cut back on my invitations.

    For our wedding half of our tables had vases with submerged flowers and a floating candle.  That way the tables still had some color but it was quite a bit cheaper then the arrangements.  I also really like just vases with pillar candles in it.  You could also add a layer of rose petals to the bottom of your hurricane or whatever glass container you decide to use to bring in your flower color.  Or you could always buy colored candles.

    For branches it really depends on the rest of your decor.  You could do branches and then your florist could wire on flower heads here and there to add some color and make it less "wintery" looking.

  • Thanks Maggie!!  I love your ideas!!  Did you buy the candles or did your florist handle all of it? 

    My FI thinks flowers are pretty ridiculous.  I on the other hand absolutely love flowers.  I don't need the reception to look like a florist, but incorporating some flowers is a must for me.  I think I am going to run by the candle/flower idea by my FI and if he's on board, see what my florist can come up with.   

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    My florist handled ordering the candles but you can always do some research to see if you can get them cheaper yourself.

    I would find a few pictures on google that you like and show them to your FI.  I found that my H was more of a visual person to really understand what things were going to look like.

    FWIW here are pics of what we did...

     Hard to see because of the table numbers but you get the idea...I think our florist did 4 different size vases with a few flower buds and candles.


    Flower arrangement centerpiece...again florist used 3 different size vases.


  • Not sure why the one pic didn't show up.  Here it is...


  • Thanks for the visual.  I love your centerpieces.  I've been looking online and found some great pictures I can show my FI to give him an idea.  Thanks for your help!!
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