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Wedding table question

I've been looking at seating guides online, but haven't quite found what I want. Please help with any questions you can:

1. I have divorced parents. I would assume that tables 1 and 2 would go to my mom and my FI's parents and their selected companions. Where should my dad sit? I don't need to keep him away from my mom so a neighboring table would be fine (just not the same table). Which would be more of a table of honor: 11 (or 12--same thing really) because it's in the front of the room or 3 (or 4) because it is next to the dance floor?
2. What would be seen as the least desirable location? Would there really be any since there are only 2 rows on each side and nobody would get "stuck in the back?"
3. What else should I consider when putting people at certain locations?

Re: Wedding table question

  • 1. I think that may depend on your dad's personality.  My dad is really shy and doesn't dance, so he'd definitely prefer tables 11/12 where he can chat with family and friends to something right next to the dance floor where there will probably be more action and distractions. 

    2. In talking to my DJ, he said the least desirable locations are those closest to the speakers/band, as it can get really loud.  He cautioned me to especially be careful that our elderly relatives are placed at those tables. However what is "least desirable" for some guests might be a bonus for others! 

    3. I don't know, but will be interested in what others have to say as I've just started thinking about my seating arrangements. 
  • 1.  I would think maybe table 3 might be better for your dad because then he could get an unobstructed view of you and FI.  

    2.  Agree with PP that the least desirable would be the closest to the band since it can get loud.

    3.  We tried to put the younger people by the bar since they'd probably be congregating there anyway and we didn't want them disturbing the tables by the bar.  But I'd also consider putting younger people by the band due to noise.  Our layout was a little different - we had catty-corner bars, so we put a lot of our friends in the corner by the bar/band which also led out to the photobooth.
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    1. I think you should put your dad at table 3. I would see that as the next closest one to you guys.

    2. I agree with not putting older people near the band.

    3. I was going to say what flojo973 said about putting younger people by the bar, but then they would be away from the music so that might not work.

  • I personally think table 11 would be the best option. It's near the dance floor, and it's near you. I would think he may see it as a "shaft" if he has to sit farther from the two of you than your other parents -- but that's just me!
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  • @KnotPorscha

    Put family with family and make their tables close to yours.

    Also, if friends know other friends, you can put them together.

    Do NOT make any single tables. It's embarrassing to them. Mix them in with the couples as well.

    If you have kids, some people have the kids sit at their own tables... but others prefer that the kids sit with their parents so that their parents can keep an eye on them. Depends on what you and your guests would be comfortable with. For me, I would rather sit with my kids than have them at another table.

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