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Help: Small wedding got even smaller

So I recently got engaged last April. My fiance and I were very excited and planned for a 2014. We are on a budget. We visited numerous venues to accommodated an intended wedding of 50-60 people (we like for it to be small and close) and we narrowed down our favorites. Unfortunately, due to recent issues with my parents.... they might not even attend and this means their obligatory guests won't be coming either. Our guest list of 50-60 is down to less than 20.

I looked into a destination wedding instead of a traditional venue. A suggestion was to do a cruise wedding. Or have the reception at a restaurant (not my first pick because it seems so impersonal). I would much rather spend a little bit more on a small group rather than have a big wedding.

What are some other ideas for an intimate group of people? Thanks!

Re: Help: Small wedding got even smaller

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    why aren't your parents going and then why wouldn't their 'obligatory (huh??)' guests be going?

    i'm not sure where you are or what your budget is but can you rent out a B&B for a weekend or a beach house?


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    Search your local area for hidden gems like B&B's, old hotels, etc. 

    There's a beautiful B&B near us that I would have LOVED to use at a reception, but we have too many guests. There are also tons of historic homes owned by the parks and rec. department. Honestly, having a smaller guest list would have expanded our list of venues to choose from. 

    Restaurants don't have to be impersonal. See if you can find one with a private dining room. 
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    I'm having a small wedding (<30) in a couple of weeks. We're having the ceremony at a little chapel, that will provide us with strawberries and champagne to toast and nibble. In the evening we're going to a restaurant, small enough that we were able to buy out the whole place. Intimate, but still special, and since we're the only ones there we were able to customize a menu.
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    Wow, 20 of the guests were people you wanted there and 30-40 were friends of your family who you felt obligated to invite? If this was us, I'd be sort of relieved to be rid of so many obligatory parent guests, and use this opportunity to set up something super fancy for us and our 20 honored guests. Having 40 less guests would free up so much money. I'd pick my absolute favorite restaurant, let everyone order anything they want from the menu, and spring for limos or a limobus to take us out after.

    A destination wedding would be fun, but you might lose even more people. Where are you from? Is there a semi-destination location where you might be able to pay for everyone to go? For example, I'm from NJ and would consider the Jersey shore, the Poconos, or Foxwoods to be semi-destination.
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    Why make it a dw event that costs more for your remaining guests to attend? That could diminish your list further?
    Why wouldn't you pick a date that your parents would attend? Or are you not speaking?
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