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MOH dress drama

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Has anyone had any issues with bridesmaids who continually delay ordering their dresses? My sister/MOH has been making excuses for nearly 4 months, and we're now about 4.5 months out from the wedding, and she still hasn't ordered her dress. A couple of people have suggested that maybe she doesn't actually want to be in the wedding, and she's being passive aggressive rather than talking with me about it. I have no intention of "firing" her as my MOH, but I definitely don't want her to do it if she doesn't want to. Is there any way to even bring that up without it sounding accusatory or anything though?

ETA: I know it isn't about money, since my mom is paying for the dress. 
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Re: MOH dress drama

  • I wouldn't think she suddenly doesn't want the job.  If she's close enough to be your MOH, she's close enough to talk to you about when something's up.

    Try to relax.  I would just ask her about it and see if something's up that's preventing her from ordering.  Or just say, "Hey, my mom wants to go ahead and place the order -- is a size 4 okay?"  If you're ordering from somewhere like Davids Bridal you can mention that you're worried about them discontinuing the style (which happened to a friend of mine) so you want to get on it.



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